publix, wal-mart, etc.


Earning My Ears
Oct 1, 1999
People talk about going to these places for their groceries, etc. Where are they? We're staying at HIFS starting this SAT and will need a place to shop for drinks and snacks and some baby needs.
if you can find 535 towards 192....there is a publix on the corner of 535/192 but turn where the Burger King is to get into the plaza....not at the main corner....(construction is on going there)...

the walmart is down the 192 (turn left at 535/192)from this plaza about 2 miles or is a super wal mart...very busy.....but they have lights so u can get back out easily....(it is just beyond the medieava times dinner place)
The closest Publix is very easy to find. Turn right out of the main HIFS entrance onto International Drive South. The store is a few miles down the road on the left-hand side, right before you reach US 192.

--- Mark


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