probably dumb question/rounding up checkbook


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Aug 19, 1999
I noticed quite a few of you round up your check book ... how do you know how much to withdraw when you ready to travel? Do you just go through main bank statement to double check the withdrawals, etc. It seems like GREAT idea, I just can't figure how to get everything to "balance"! Please forgive me if it is stupid question!!! Any tips?!?!?!?!?
Thanks! :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :rolleyes:
Well, it helps me that I have an account with a credit union that can be accessed online. I round off my purchases in my checkbook and then, every so often or when I need to, I log on and subtract the online balance from mine, to figure out how much extra money I have.

It is also an awesome advantage to confirm the checks and transactions that have cleared, right up to the minute.

If your bank does not offer that service, then definitely balance your checkbook with the statements in front of you, to figure out how much you'd have in extra savings. You know, whenever you make a payment, just write $6.00 instead of $5.42, and those pennies add up, eventually.

Hope it helps
I dont even blance my acount so rounding anything is out of the question LOL! We write very very few checks period we use debit cards FOR EVERYTHING!
I've been "rounding up" for years now, but perhaps I do it a little backwards. I round up all year and when I RETURN from my vacation at WDW all of my checks have cleared, etc. As soon as I get back, I get a balance from the bank and this lets me know how much extra is in my account. I use this extra to pay off anything we may have charged.
Every month when I balance I have an amount of money greater than the balance in my checkbook. I simply take that amount and write a check which I deposit in the "Disney account." This way the books balance and I'm not taking more than I'm entitled to. The account that my Disney funds are in earns interest so that money can grow a bit more until the next trip.:smooth:
I do the exact same thing that "babblinboo" does. It is a great way to save $$$$$ for WDW. Last year when we went my DW was worried we would not have enough cash for the vacation. Then I told her I had managed to save an extra $400. for the trip. That made her very happy. I have continued to do this throughout the year and have quite a bit saved. I do think to keep yourself on track you must have a bank account you can access online. Happy saving!!!!!!!!!
Thanks guys for all the tips ... we will start trying that! Sounds like it is great way to save!!!! :)


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