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  1. Mansionlover

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    Sep 20, 2014
    Hi all,
    Later this week my wife and I are going on our first vacation without the kids, and going to Paris. All of a sudden tonight she comes out with the statement that mayybeee we can do one day at Paris Disney. She isn't as big a park fan as me. We've never been to France, much less the park there.

    My question is, what is imperative to do/see there that isn't here in our US parks, considering I'd only get one day?
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  2. indoshakespeare

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    Jun 7, 2011
    The Big Thunder Mountain there is the best version there is and the Space Mountain is different (it has a corkscrew inversion). I don't know if that's enough to spend a day there. They also have the Indiana Jones coaster but it's not that great. The other park (Walt Disney Studios) has the Ratatouille ride that's coming to Epcot and Crush Coaster. I guess it depends on how many days you'll be in Paris. Don't sacrifice Paris for Disney if it's for a short time.
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  4. Mansionlover

    Mansionlover Earning My Ears

    Sep 20, 2014
    Thank you very much for the suggestions. They"re very helpful.
  5. Lesley Wake

    Lesley Wake May the force be with you!

    Mar 16, 2017
    I just got back from a trip to France, including a solo trip to DLP (4 nights/5 days). I do have to say that park is just absolutely gorgeous and so intricate. Just things like the drink carts or shops or restaurants are so well themed. As I was going thru my pictures I realized one day I spent 11 hours at Disneyland but only went on 3 rides, yet I wandered everywhere and had a great time. Areas like Adventure Isle are great to explore with plenty of caves and paths to get lost in.

    For attractions, while they had some identical to the US parks, they also had some ones that were so much better. Some favorite rides were:
    Big Thunder - so fun! They don’t have Tom Sawyer Island, instead the coaster goes underneath the rivers, then goes all around the island before coming back. Definitely is faster and longer than the US versions.
    Hyperspace Mountain-their version of Space Mountain which goes upside down and has corkscrews; sort of similar to Hollywood Studio’s Rock n Roller Coaster, but with Star Wars projections.
    Pirates of the Caribbean-they added a scene and rearranged others which changes the whole flow of the ride, for the better.
    Phantom Manor-unfortunately I didn’t get to ride this because it was down for refurb.
    Miscellaneous Fantasyland rides-some identical, some just similar to DLR or WDW. But I liked small world, Casey jr, and storybook canal boats.
    The parade is nice, and you don’t usually have to wait a long time to get a good view.

    For the studios, Crush’s coaster definitely rivaled Big Thunder for one of my favorite rides. Unfortunately it gets a long line quickly and doesn’t have Fastpass, so I didn’t get to ride it as much as I’d like. They also have Ratatouille (I was disappointed), Tower of Terror (same as DLR’s before the guardians change), Rock n Roller Coaster (super intense-too much for me), plus a variety of other missable rides. But they also have some great stage shows. Overall, if you are considering a 1-day trip, I’d skip Studios altogether and focus on exploring Disneyland.

    1-day 1-Park tickets can actually be very cheap, sometimes as little as $60. The train goes right to the parks from Paris.

    I would say, go ahead and do it! It truly is gorgeous, and even if you don’t do as many rides, it can be great to wander around-you don’t even need to be a huge Disney fan to appreciate it. I’d also recommend checking out Disney Tourist Blog. They have 1-day touring plans for Disneyland Paris, which balances going on rides with also soaking up the ambiance.
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  6. BrianL

    BrianL Doom Buggy Driver

    Jul 24, 2013
    I would have said Phantom Manor, but it's closed for a lengthy refurb. I have heard Mickey and the Magician is a can't miss show, but it's at Studios so it depends on if you do hoppers and such.

    I was hoping to go this year, but had to defer. I want to wait until the Manor is back anyway, so it's all good. I am currently obsessed with the Disney Stars on Parade soundtrack from DLP. That music is so good! I'm going to get there next year for sure.
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  7. picktails

    picktails DIS Veteran

    Jun 24, 2007
    We spent a day at DLP when we visited my DD in Paris while she was studying abroad. Although it has a VERY different vibe, I would go if you can. The train from Paris is super easy both ways, and it is something you will always remember.
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  8. TinkSassy

    TinkSassy DIS Veteran

    Jan 16, 2009
    I think a day trip is worth it. I would get both parks on the pass - as the Ratatouille ride is amazing and worth the upcharge by itself. DLP is better than studios by a long shot there and will take most of your time.

    Keep in mind that the train ride from Paris central is about an hour each way - but lets you off right at Downtown Disney (5 minutes to main gates). This is the end of the red metro line (Chessy). I stayed at DLP area in the Marriott for a week and did 3 days at Disney and 5 in Paris. If you can, I would suggest overnighting in that area (in a perfect world at the Disneyland Hotel which sits over the main gate but that is pricey).
  9. HopperFan

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    Sep 6, 2003
    DS went for 2 days (stayed at Disney hotel), trains make it easy. He said Disneyland is amazing and totally worth the trip. He said if he returned now he'd likely skip Studios - especially given we are getting the best ride at Epcot.

    He said considering you are in France, the food at the TS was bad. He had the Dining Plan. He said next time he wouldn't waste any time at TS, just maybe one QS and snack.

    He also LOVED LOVED Manor ... but if you are already there, that wouldn't stop him.

    DH is actually trying to convince me to go to London for 2 weeks while he works (airbnb a flat).

    ME: Can we take the train to Paris?
    DH: Sure, there is so much to see.
    ME: I just want to go to Disneyland.
    DH: [eye roll]
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  10. Firsttimer15

    Firsttimer15 Mouseketeer

    Apr 29, 2015
    If you end up doing that. Go to the city , as much as I love Disney this City is amazing and well worth spending time there.
    I agree on the TS food, terrible and nothing compared to wdw.

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