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    My mom, kids, younger brother (16), and I are planning a trip to WDW May 25-June 2. The trip is paid in full. It now looks like my mom may be unable to go due her health. We are going to give it 2 more weeks before changing anything unless her report from the doctor tomorrow makes us feel like there's no way. We have 2 rooms at All Star Sports Booked. I am looking at other options since I am the only adult. We are not going to postpone the trip. My mom really wants us to go and we had already planned on going again next year.

    One option would be cancelling my mom's reservation, adding my brother to my reservation, and moving to POR. This is what I am leaning toward most. Would we be charged the $200 cancellation fee on my mom's room for doing this? Would it be considered modifying my reservation when we add my brother, or would it be a cancel and rebook? I can handle losing $200 but $400 is getting a bit steep for me. If we lost $200, we would wind up owing $100 for changing the reservation.

    Another option would be to find someone to take her place. Right now, I can't think of who we would bring in this case. Most of the people I know have kids they wouldn't want to go without, and my DH can't go due to work. Is it correct that I could not have the 2nd room at All Star Sports without another adult present?

    The final option would be to ask my cousin who lives in the area to be the adult for the other room. Would taking my mom off and putting him on incur any type of fee? I wouldn't want to obligate him to stay in the room. Could he just check in for us and not stay at the hotel, or is that against the rules? Also, if this were the case, a ticket would be issued in his name. He is an AP holder and would not need a ticket, so would we be able to not use the ticket and have someone else's name put on it for later use?

    Anyone have another suggestion?

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    Did you book directly with Disney Reservation Center or with a travel agent?

    If you booked straight with Disney, call the reservation line. Tell them the story and explain why your mother cannot make it. There are a few, rare times that DRC will guarantee connecting rooms. The time you are coming is not a holiday week and it is unlikely that the resorts will be completely sold out. I think every thing will turn out good for you. This is a legitimate reason for connecting rooms, not just because someone wants grandma or aunt or similar in the connecting room.

    If you booked through a travel agent or wholesale group, I don't really have any advice for you. I do know that DRC cannot help you if they did not make the reservation.

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