Poss. Honeymoon at BCV have ????s


Earning My Ears
Jan 25, 2002
Hi gang, we have booked at BC in sept. for our honeymoon but I was informed that for the same price we could get a studio at BCV. Im thinking the fridge, micro wave and the little bit of extra space might be nice. Any reasons why we might not want to switch? Will we still be able to use the storm along bay pool at BC?
Hopefully this will be my only honeymoon so Im trying to do this right. I want to make everything wonderfull for my finance. I even wondered , although I don't expect it, do folks ever get upgraded from studios to one bedrooms when occupancy is low?
Thanks for all the wonderfull info you folks have shared finding sites like this is a godsend for us since we have never been to Disney before. Were looking forward to a wonderfull first trip and honeymoon combo filled with magic.
The BCV studio will have a queen bed and a sofa plus the fridge and microwave. You will not have a view of the lake from the villas, but might have a nice view of Epcot.

It will depend on the occupancy at the time. September is often a slow time of the year, so it couldn't hurt to ask for an upgrade! It is possible with a cash reservation to get an upgrade to a 1BR villa which would have a full kitchen, jacuzzi, king bed and LOTS of space. (You might even consider the 1BR anyway!)

I'd opt for a 1-bedroom at BCV if it's within your budget. I'll PM you with my rationale, which may not be appreciated on the board;) ;) .


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