Poll for where you use points

We use our DVC pts. at our home resort AND...

  • ONLY at our Home Resort

  • at other DVC Resorts (OKW, BWV, VWL, HH, VB)

  • within the Disney Collection (WDW, DL, DLP resorts / Cruises)

  • within Concierge, World Passport, and/or Adventurer collections

  • at any of the vacation collections (within or outside Disney)

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10+year DVC owner
Dec 19, 2000
Where do you use the VAST MAJORITY of your points, year-in year-out...
Okay, I've only made two DVC reservations...one at "home" and one at another DVC resort.

But I think the vast majority of my point usages in the future will be for the DVC homes.
Like Granny, I've only made one DVC home resort reservation for this November but I am dreaming of making a trip to OKW in August. We plan to primarily use DVC at our home resort and other DVC resorts with occasional cruises or trips to Disneyland if I can get over the "sticker" shock of those Grand Californian points!

Our home resort is VWL, we bought Jan 2001, only 150 points so far. We spent four nights in a one bed at OKW as soon as we bought. It was fabulous - well worth the 48 points.

In May, we spent two nights at Seqoia Lodge - Disneyland Paris. It was nice and cost 52 points but, I would rather have spent the points on another four nights in a one bed villa!

This year, we are hoping to use our points at Hilton Head in July.

In the future, we mainly intend to use points for DVC properties but, we are also considering the cruise Keystone and maybe the occasional Interval International stay but, only in one of the exceptionally nice resorts. It is difficult to consider staying anywhere else on points once you have stayed in one of those one bedroom villas.
We've been DVC members since '97. Up until this year we used our points to stay at our home resorts (OKW & HH) and the other DVC resorts. I'd say we spread our stays out evenly over the 5 DVC properties staying at BWV and VB as much as at OKW & HH (and adding VWL to the list this year). We used some of our points to take a 4/00 4-day DCL cruise but other than that we hadn't used our points outside of the DVC resorts.

This year, however, we will be staying at the Disneyland Hotel for 3 nights in September and taking the 7-day DCL cruise in December (part points, part cash), so that will be a change for us.

I am not sure how I should vote. We will use about 75% of our points at our home resorts, and 25% for the Disney Collection. We will periodically sneak some of those points for the Concierge Collectin, and other DVCs.

Okay, I re-read your poll, and it is much more clear now (although I still don't fit neatly in any one category).

"We use our DVC pts. at our home resort AND..."

The best answer for me is 'within the Disney Collection (WDW, DL, DLP resorts / Cruises)' since this is where most of my points will go. :cool:
Would vote for "Home resort AND other DVC resorts" if an option.
They are all great in different ways and we plan to continue to rotate every trip through each "WDW DVC" option. Cant wait to try Sarasota Springs.
I have done 3 exchanges through II for Aruba. I have mostly had a very good experience doing this. The only thing that I regret when I have done this, is that at one resort specifically, the Studio and the 1BR are the same size rooms. They are just configured differently. They are both very nice rooms, but when the only room available once was a 1BR, I had to take it. Then I find out afterwards that for the amount of points I used, I could have gone for 2 weeks instead of one, or I could have gotten 2 units for 1 week. Overall I like going to other places as well as the DVC resorts. I probably would never have gone to Aruba if I wasn't a DVC member.
Our home resort,OKW and 1 Honeymoon week for DN in Feb 03.
I didn't vote because I haven't stayed yet, but this is my plan... Because of my job, the best times to take vacations are late spring and late fall.

May 03 - VWL 65 pts studio, 5 nights at 13 per

Sept 03 - OKW 40 pts studio (AP expires in Sept - gotta squeeze in one more visit!), 5 nights at 8 per

May 04 - II - Key West, FL - 1 bedroom - I think this is considered mid-season? 144 pts more or less (I hope) - one whole week!

FALL 04 - BWV 45 points - When is DISCON????? 5 nights @ 9 per
At both of our home resorts(OKW-VB) and HH. Not using points for our cruise (cash).:D
We used it for a 7-day cruise once when it was special points in Sept. and we have now "tried" all other DVC resorts except BCV since we have not been/been able to get in since they opened. Our intentions are to only use at our 2 home resorts in the future but due to availability that may not always be the option and then we would only stay in other DVC resorts. I like the options with the Disney collection in case we had to go but could not get a DVC room and the concierge collection in case we did not want to travel 1500+ miles and could stay a few days somewhere closer to home. I guess you could say I like the flexibility regardless of my intentions.

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