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Earning My Ears
Apr 29, 2001
Can someone give me an example of the points they used on an exchange with II. We are considering DVC, but may want to exchange out about every 3 years. I am trying to decide if it is still a good financial option.

Checking prices to stay at resorts with cash on Expedia, it appears that the points are worth about $11-14/point at the home resorts. I found that the Concierge group was more like $7-9/point (tax not included). I have no idea about the II exchange?

To exchange, you start a search through DVC. They will look for an exchange for you and try to get the least amount of points for your exchange. We did an exchange to Hawaii for next April in a 1 BR at Kona Coast II resort. It cost us 160 points ( the rate for OKW 1BR in Adventure season).
When you are figuring per points values, I assume you're using published rack rates which isn't reasonable. They are as phantom, or more so than MSRP to a car purchase. Basically, DVC is assuming around $5 per point as the value of your points to them. You can almost always get specials to the resorts on all of the DVC options lists. One thing you might consider is buying less points then either paying cash for the alternate accomodations those years or even a different timeshare to use for exchanging. Partly depends on where you want to go and how flexible you are for your vacations.

Assume OKW points for the unit size you need for either Adventure or Dream season, that will give you a rough idea.
The numbers I used in my original post were based on the lowest published rate I could find for June. I searched both Expedia.com and Travelocity.com. These were not packages, but lodging only.

I left off one paragraph on my last post.

Thanks very much for taking the time to reply to my post. Both of the replies were exactly the pratical type of advice I needed.


Do you get the choice when MS get back to you with how many points it will "cost" to say no? as you're entering into a request without knowing how much it will cost initially...

Many thanks in advance for your reply... (or others)...

Dave. :p
With DVC search first, you can ask them to call you before confirming. This is their normal way of doing business. You can then accept or reject based on any factors you wish once they call with a match. They should be able to give you an idea up front of the points costs but there are factors that could change that and that is why they are reluctant to discuss the points costs up front.

You can say no to any exchange and they will keep searching, but the points charged have more to do with when the exchange takes place and when someone is looking to exchange into DVC than anything else. DVC will look for the cheapest points available for that time. We were expecting to spend about 250, so were quite happy whenit came in at 160!

Sorry it took me so long to answer. I couldn't get onto these board for days! Theys seem to be working better now.
Diane, it's true they will keep searching but they will take the resort offered you off your search list. If you get an instant match, the points are the same as the season and unit size through DVC. For an going search, it will sometimes be less points than predicted.


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