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    thinking about buying additional points resale but have a question re transfer as i would likely end up with points from a different UY than my current contract. i understand that you are allowed one transfer per use UY and that the points keep their home resort status once transferred. my questions is what UY do the transferred points have? their original UY or the UY of the contract they are now in? i hope i am explaining my question clearly - any help is much appreciated! thanks!
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    Points always retain the use year and home resort that they already have in any transfer.
  3. Disneylvr4

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    Lets say your current contract is December UY and you purchase some additional pts. with a UY of March. You can still only use those extra pts. (March) under the UY rules for them, they wouldn't ever be considered December UY, even if you are borrowing, banking etc.

    I'd look at when you normally travel, and choose a secondary UY that would work at least at the 7 month point within BOTH contracts, especially if the purpose of extra pts is to book better/bigger accomodations based on where you like to stay. Ideally you want to be able to book something using both sets of pts., so to do that as close together is likely best I would imagine.
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    If you have Dec 2012 UY that you are transferring in, you must transfer 2012 points into that contract. You'd have to transfer 2013 points into your Dec 2013 contract and could not borrow them for a Nov 2013 trip.

    So 2012 points into 2012 contract. 2013 points into 2013 contract. 2014 points into 2014 contract. And you cannot borrow them, so you have to be mindful of when you want to use them and how they would fall into your UY.

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