Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2001
I need more opinions! This maybe should go on the resort board, but since the rates are the only reason I'm undecided now I thought I'd start here.
2 adults (My 19 year old sister and me)
8 days 7 nights

PO FQ for $89 a night or
AS for $49 a night

People traffic
room quality: clean, comfy beds, enough space
room items available: Iron/board, coffee maker,
hair dryer,

Sharkie :rolleyes:


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Dec 15, 2000
Go for the Port ORleans..you and your sister will like it much better. Quiet, close to DT disney, probably not so many little ones around.


Earning My Ears
Jul 2, 2000
There is that all american element that just can't manage to do anything without a case of beer. Naturally, this element tends to have a wagonload of children that they are too busy (ie. drunk) to look after. So, the kids run wild, the parents are loud, preferring to yell instead of discipline. My sister is a stellar example of this particular brand of trash.

Fortunately, this type of trash does not make a whole lot of money. They tend to gather where the rooms are cheap. I'll gladly pay extra to avoid this kind of person. I have never encountered anything but kind, civil, polite and courteous parents, children and other adults at Port Orleans. As it is more 'Adult' (G-rated, just not a child's environment) the resort tends to have a higher percentage of adults, honeymooners, and teenaged kids. Not nearly as many young children as you will find at the other resorts.

Guess you could say that I've been to WDW more than most, but not as much as some.


Earning My Ears
Jan 11, 2001
I have ressies for two rooms at an Allstar for my family of 6 under the assumption that there are many decent families like mine who plan to enjoy WDW and spend most of their time in the parks and just want a clean, decent, convenient, economical place to stay. I can only hope I don't run into you at one of the parks.

It's people like you who judge all others just on how much money they make (or actually just on how much money they choose to spend for a hotel room) that show the real lack of class.

pat fan

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Oct 2, 1999
I think you should post your "opinion" on the Debate board.

To answer the posters question,I believe you would be happy at either resort.If you and your sister are planning on being at the parks/Downtown Disney or such most of the time,I would stay at the ALStars.The money you save will buy a lot of souvineers etc...and any of the three resorts are wonderful.We have stayed at the Music & Movies and enjoyed them equally.We have never seen anyone drunk,cursing or anything else remotely offensive.

Oh yes,we are a family with 2 children who are quite well behaved as were most children we encountered at Disney.My husband and I also just had the discussion that even if we COULD afford to stay at the Grand Floridian or such that we wouldn't.Too many individuals there more interested in the social ladder than in being human.


and use the money saved to buy souveniers, eat a more expensive restaurants around Disney, etc. I've never encountered any "trash" at any WDW resort. The AS does attract alot of families because of the theming, but the theming is the fun of staying on WDW property.


Earning My Ears
Jan 17, 2001
What about the noise level at the AS? I don't care about noise during the day, but is it pretty quiet at night?


DIS Veteran
Apr 6, 2001
We have stayed at the AllStar movies several times, never encountered any drunks there...and for the most part everyone was polite. Never had any problem with noise at night, some early am (like anywhere else). It was clean and newer and although we have thought about others, always end up at the Allstars, our 5 year old loves the themes! And you save a lot of money for nicer dinners and things you will want to buy. I will say if you want to avoid the kids, this is probably not the place for you.

pat fan

Sad my tag won't fit :(
Oct 2, 1999
We've never had any problems with noise.Our last trip we spent a lot of time in the room because our older son got sick during our trip and he needed to be in bed.We never had a problem with noise during any of that time and I would have noticed/complained since I am an over-protective parent,especially when one of my children is sick.


Pixie Dust or Bust!!
Aug 25, 2000
Go for something more comfortable with some style to it. Something you will look back on fondly!![I don't remember any of the Motel Sixes I have stayed in,do you??]

I would take anything not to have to stay at All Stars,again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :( :(
Wet stinky carpets,they put us in a room they had JUST shampooed and REFUSED to move us!!A Tiny bathroom with a handwashing dispenser in the shower that was EMPTY,Hard beds,a TV with less channels than we get at home with rabbit ears.
and a table with 2 chairs for a family of three!

PLease take my advice GO FOR PO!!!!!! and have some memories of the nice place you stayed in!! :)


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