PLEASE READ - A Few Thoughts About Locking or Deleting Theads on the DIS


Aug 14, 1999
Since yesterday I have received numerous emails about locking and not locking earlier the thread on food poisoning.

Unfortunately not every post on the DIS is going to be happy. I lock or delete as a last resort as everyone has the right to their opinion no mater how different from what you or I may think. Plus a difference of opinion or a good debate on a subject can be a good thing even if it does raise our blood pressure now and then. However with that said after a warning if a thread continues on a down hill roll I will lock it, and it causes me much stress to do so. There have been complaints on the DIS that we (moderators) have locked, edited or deleted too many posts for no reason. I have to tell you I put a lot of thought into every post that I do this for as do all the other moderators. The one thing I dislike about a forum like this (in general not just the offending post) is that sometimes people in general read things into posts (or words) that are not always there, or just sometime can be overly sensitive to certain topics then all hell breaks loose –yikes! We all should take a deep breath and reread before we hit that submit button especially if it is a hot issue. In the case of something that irks you possibly walk away for 5-10 min then come back and reread before you submit your post. For example parenting issues – another yikes! on the Family Board. Did any of you ever read the original 'breastfeeding in the parks' thread, some were shocked and outraged that a mother would consider doing this, the poor poster was just looking for some advice, In my opinion there is nothing wrong with discretely breast feeding a baby, I don’t think she planned to expose her chest in the middle of Main St, on the other hand some people are very squeamish about seeing these type of things no mater how discrete and are entitled to voice their thoughts as long as they do not attack the other posters. I can remember be shocked as a teen after seeing one of the choir members at my church start breastfeeding during rehearsal, pretty funny now but at the time I was shocked and very uncomfortable. It was the first time I had ever seen anyone breastfeed. We all have been raised differently and have different belief systems so I can understand that some adults are offended by breastfeeding in public – ever just the words make some uncomfortable. Therefore the poster that stated that this should not be done in public had every right to say so without getting attacked back.

Car seats on airplanes is another, we have had posters call people child abusers for not using them. A bit strong but maybe they truly believe this deep down in their heart and soul. I have brought my baby’s on the plane with and without a car seat am I a child abuser? No Way! However again ultimately we all must use our own best judgment, not what others may think. So the moral to this long winded thread is that all of us are entitled to our own opinion or advise on a topic no mater how different it may be from what others may post. Just PLEASE keep the tone civil, keep it polite, and no personal attacks on others that don’t agree with you or you don't agree with, no mater how different there advise/opinion is from yours. Remember what our mothers always told us well growing up “if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all” – good advise for all of us to live by.


Family Board Host

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I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful job all the Moderators are doing. I choose to read the posts that I want and ignore those I dislike. I see enough negative attitude daily and I appreciate the work you do to keep this a friendly place to share ideas and love of disney. It's a difficult task and I believe you are doing the best job possible. Thanks for your attention to the posts.

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I really only dislike foul language or dirrect personal attacks. If someone voices their thoughts (is the airplane/car seat example) then that is not a dirrect attack, but if that person said hey YOU are a child abuser for not using a car seat on a plane, then that is different.

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Personally, I think it is ridiculous that posters tell you moderators to lock or delete threads. That decision is yours, and I am sure that Pete had the confidence in you to do so without us telling you what to do.

I was involved in the food poisioning thread, and someone said something to me that I could have construed as nasty, but I chose to ignore it. I figured if it was out of the guidelines, you'd delete it because you know the guidelines better than any of us. I'm not going to analyze every comment and start harping on the moderators on what I think they should do.

I think the moderators on all these boards do an unbelievable job. I work in the Human Resources field, so I know it can be taxing to deal with people and their opinions and feelings. Some people choose to read between every line and take things the worst way possible....others have open minds. You guys have to view each message and determine what's appropriate or not, and that is not easy (especially when others are telling you how to do your job).

Bottom line: Thanks for all the things you put up can't be easy to be a DIS moderator!


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