Please help me


<font color=blue>I'm ba-ack!!!!<br><font color=mag
Apr 28, 2001
is there anyway I can get Dansmom back plus all my old posts reset the counter, I dont know how many it takes to get to be a veteran but I think I was well on my way. thanks for your help:)
Hi GailT

I would be happy to reset your post count - just let me know how many you had before the move.

I john, I really don't know, that's OK, I will start at the beginning again. is there anyway you can get me back to the name Dansmom?:confused:
Hi GailT

I just did a search and see someone already has "Dansmom".

I was hoping this was yours and perhaps you just couldn't log in - but when I checked, neither the email address nor IP address matches the one under your current name GailT.

We also have a "Dan's Mom" - also no match to any of your info.

You may want to consider another derivation of that username.

Sorry I couldn'y help.


Thanks John, I bet I put my mediaone mail address on that Dansmom account but I forogt the password, I am gonan try it again. Oh btw, I might of already said this but this new borad is FANTASTIC!


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