Please explain "Wyndham by request"..

Well, if it works the same way it worked for me during my last stay at the Wyndham Palace it will go something like this...

You will wait in line at the "By Request" Check in line for 15 minutes until the front desk people tell you they are too busy to service that line and you have to get in the rear of the regular check-in line. Then they will know nothing about you being a "By Request" member, even though you have called the hotel directly to ensure that it is noted on your reservation. After check in you will go to your room where you will find nothing they promised you would be waiting for you, ie. no snack or drink or bedding type . But other than the listed above it is well worth your time to join the club, you do get a nice membership card!!!
wyndham by request is just their frequent stay program. It has worked well for me. my cousin, who travels often for business, loves it!

You can join the program through Wyndham's web site. You make selections like high or low floor, 2 beds or 1, etc. You also choose a drink &/or snack that will (should) be in your room when you get there.

If you are making a reservation at the wyndham, you can call the by request # and do it through them. That way all your info will be tied together. If you "won" the wyndham through priceline, you can call the hotel directly & have the info added. You can also send an email with the info through their website (once you get your info & can log into the by request area). The email works well.

It couldn't hurt to call the hotel a few days before to follow up. each hotel is supposed to have a By Request manager. Ask to speak with him or her.

I'm sorry that bigcat had a problem!


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