Please explain the advantages of staying on-site!

Deb in IA

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Aug 18, 1999
We are considering staying at Portofino Bay for 2 or 3 nights this summer. Could anyone help with some questions I have?
1. Are there buses from the hotel to IOA and USF, or is it really within walking distance?
2. Are Portofino and Hard Rock the only hotels with Front of the Line privileges? And exactly how does that work? Is it like FastPass (or Fast TRACK, as Universal calls it)?
3. Do you get early entry by staying there, or do you still have to have the multi-day pass?
Thanks for the help!
First, there is a water taxi service that takes you to the park from both hotels. Or you can walk.

Second, the FOTL is a seprate line that you, as a hotel guest, get to use for all but 2 or 3 rides. It is good ALL day long. Just show your hotel key. I think it is better that FastPass because you just go to the front of the line. You don't get a time slot to come back later.

I'm not sure about the early entry.
FOTL access was good enough for us!! What a great perk!! We stood in line soooo long last year at WDW!! Looking forward to a much more leisurely pace because of this! :)
Most folks use the water taxi, it's within walking distance, and there is also bus service from the hotel to the park.

Another question:
Do the water taxis and buses run continuously during the day (thinking about that afternoon break!)
Thanks again!
Hi Deb,

Early entry is reserved for onsite guests and you can enter 1 hour early.

IOA- Mondays and Wednesdays
USF- Sunday and Thursday

We used the boats for transportation and they ran all day and all night constantly. It's a very short enjoyable ride.
Have a wonderful trip! :)

We also used the boat service which was very pleasant & convenient. Boats ran back and forth every 15-20 min or so. The boats drop you off at Citywalk, which is halfway between US and IOA. There is also bus service, but we never tried using it.

HRH looks like it's a bit closer to IOA/US. I bet it will be a pleasant walk to get to the parks.

I would recommend getting multiday passes, because they allow you to park-hop! You could do one park for a few hours in the morning, take a nice break, relax, go to the pool,etc, then do the other park in the afternoon evening. Because of FOTL, you don't have to worry about being there at the crack of dawn, or stay at the park all day. And, unused days never expire! :D


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