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Discussion in 'Transportation' started by wdisneelvr, Feb 23, 2005.

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    I am scared to fly and have read that Xanax helps you stay calm. Please tell me how Xanax makes you feel. I don't want to be all dopey on the plane, I want to be coherant. Will I still have scarey thoughts or will the medicine help?
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    I have taken it at night, and the next day I have felt calm. I had it on one transatlantic flight once, and I did fall asleep. You night want to only take a half instead of a whole
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    Holly takes this when we fly. She said that it does not get rid of the scarey thoughts, it just surpresses the physical reactions. You don't get the butterflies, your muscles don't tense up.

    I took it once to calm down after a really bad work experience (I know, bad taking other people's medicine...). It felt like the stress was draining away, feet first. I felt great.

    If you stick to the prescribed dosage, you will be fine. Take too much, or mix with alcohol or grapefruit juice(no kidding, the package said so) and you can get tipsy.


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