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    Sep 16, 2008
    My daughter just got engaged a few weeks ago at Animal Kingdom. :love: It was a wonderful surprise and now they are are starting to plan their Disney wedding! :earsgirl::earsboy:
    They are looking at 4-4-2020
    My question is to the spring brides out there. Due to many out of town guests one reason they picked 4-4 was because it is going to be a Saturday. (the weekend before Easter)
    They would like to have a morning wedding at the Wedding Pavilion. How popular is the Wedding Pavilion in April on a Saturday?? They are pretty flexible about the reception spot so that is not really a concern.

    Here's their thoughts: 9:30am wedding with brunch to follow and the FP later in the evening (Italy)

    Chances of getting a Saturday morning in early April??

    Your thoughts??

    Thank you
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  2. AllThingsMickey4

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    Aug 2, 2014
    We got married this past April 28th (a Saturday) and had the 9:30 AM ceremony at the Wedding Pavilion. Our first choice was the 2:30 PM ceremony and our second choice was the 9:30 AM ceremony. We didn't give them any second choice of dates.. I wanted the 28th because it was my parents' 28th anniversary. At first I was upset that I didn't get my first choice of time, but I would pick the morning ceremony over in a heartbeat.

    I don't think the morning ceremony is the most popular time slot. I'm not sure if it being 4/4 will make things busier, and with all the new advertising they are doing with the tv show it could make Disney weddings even more popular.

    You might have to be flexible on ceremony times if you only want one date. We told them we were fine with any time other than the latest one because the date was my priority
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  3. ALegrande

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    Jan 18, 2017
    We were an Escape wedding, married in March, the first weekend of proper "Spring Break" in the Central Florida area. We wanted a 5pm ceremony time at the Yacht Club Gazebo and had no problem getting it. This venue isn't as popular as the WP though, so they may have to be a little flexible on the time, but they should be able to get the day at some point!

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