Pic nic in the park?


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Sep 4, 2000
I´ve read a lot on this board about bringning snacks, drinks etc in to the park - but what about bringing food for a pic nic? Is there some regulation against this, or is it a bad idea for some other reason?


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Technically, you are not permitted to bring ANY food into the parks (except the water parks) except for medical reasons. (This is mentioned in Birnbam's "Official" Guide to WDW and on Park maps and literature.) And there are no picnic areas in any of the parks.
Disney tends to "look the other way" when people bring in small snacks to have while waiting in lines, while sitting on benches, etc. But they might have a problem with people taking up dining areas with "full-fledged" picnics of entrees, salads, etc.
Hope that this helps...

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