Pete's comments on his team and the Skyliner from last weeks show.


Goofy Fan from Jersey
Nov 9, 2013
I can't give Pete enough props for his defense of the team regarding last weeks discussion regarding the Skyliner. A boss who has his staff's back is hold on to that forever!!!! If you've watched the show for a period of time or met Pete you surely know he has his opinion and he runs a tight ship. So the fact that he stood up for the team has to make them feel great. All anyone wants is to be respected and today's mini-rant shows that Pete wholeheartedly respects his team. That doesn't mean he agrees......not by a longshot.....but he respects they're opinions. I have a boss who works the same way. You'll run through walls for people like that. Look at how hard Pete's team works........proof!!

Doug :goofy:


Dec 12, 2018
Hear hear!

The key reason why The DIS is my favorite outlet for Disney Parks news and updates is because of the honestly and the transparency and the (as Wendy Williams would say) “Say it like you mean it” style everyone takes.

I said this in the chat, but I’ll say it again. I liken the show to a group of friends who aren’t afraid to be honest with you when you’re looking or acting crazy: “You know I love you, but real talk...”

Y’all keep up doing what you do and props to Pete for sticking up for his staff.


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Jan 16, 2004
Oh man, I didn't realize there had been an issue. I didn't get to watch live today, and I usually don't read the chat when I do watch live. What I really remember from last week was Theresa getting all starry-eyed with her Twisty Treat update (which brings up another issue--why is there no twisty treat in Houston?). But now I'm looking forward to watching the replay later today.

I agree with the above that it seems like we get honest opinions from the team, and I like that.
  • Mrs Flick

    Earning My Ears
    Oct 18, 2018
    I haven't seen this weeks show yet, but I am so glad to hear that Pete stood up for his team. The lack of respect the panel received last week because some people didn't agree with their thoughts was truly shocking. I specifically appreciate the DIS for their range of opinions, especially when they may be different from my own and challenge my thinking.

    Keep up the great work team!


    Earning My Ears
    Feb 21, 2018
    I post relatively infrequently but I am coming out of the shadows to give enormous KUDOS to Pete and the team.

    First, I have to say that some of the commentary in chat during last week’s show was vile, repugnant and downright rude. I am happy to see that Craig, Steve, Teresa and others did not let the trolls get under their skin with the stupidity that was being spewed in chat.

    Second, I want to give huge props to Pete as a leader and for the honest transparency he provides his listeners and viewers. He clearly calls it just as he sees it and is not afraid to be honest in his thoughts, no matter what the Disney spin machine may be serving.

    And last but certainly not least, Pete’s leadership stance should be commended by posters, viewers and listeners. The sheer fact that he has his staff’s back with an audience that is as picky as we are… goes a long way! I only wish I could have leadership that would do the same. While you can tell he runs a very tight ship, the fact that he respects his employees enough to stand up to those who disrespect, mock or question their motives speaks volumes to his general character.

    Pete – While I have not had the chance to meet you or the podcast team directly, as I was supposed to attend the 20 years of dreams event but couldn’t make it down in time due last minute business travel, I want to take a moment to commend you and the team for doing a great job! You, Kevin, John, Corey, Julie, Teresa, Kathy, Craig, Ryno, Fiasco, Steve, Deni, Tracey and Jackie (sorry if I missed anyone) have always been open, honest and transparent with your thoughts on Disney – good, bad or otherwise – and that should be commended! And while we have not formally met, I liken you all to a group of friends! Kudos!
  • SoarinSC

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    Jun 6, 2010
    Did see the show last week and don't understand how anything said or not said last week deserves any level of outrage from what has to either be trolls or people who are so one-sided in their thinking they're looking to attack anything that isn't totally anti-Disney. I happen to stand where Pete is standing on the issue and I didn't take away anything shill-y from what anyone said on last weeks show. Like Pete said, if you want honest opinions you have to be willing to accept opinions that are contrary to yours. Otherwise, just stop watching.
  • OhanaBreadPudding

    Mar 6, 2012
    I listen to the podcast, I don’t watch live so I just came here to see if I could figure out what people we’re saying. I’m not a troll by nature but I was snickering here and there for sure when listening.

    I follow these guys on twitter and Ryno (who i like very much and follow for a reason) tweets at Disney over someone getting Disney plus for a few dollars cheaper. Had this been one of them up there, omg the fury would have melted those gondolas off the wire! That’s what was frustrating to listen to. The lack of perspective. That being said, my perspective on life is different just like everyone else! That’s why I listen to the show.

    I can’t fault anyone for thinking that they were a missing the point a little but people need to chill out a bit. I hate commenting on the podcast because I like to listen to it as a way to pass time, not as someone who thinks they deserve a seat at that table.


    Earning My Ears
    Jun 18, 2019
    I haven't listened yet TBH, and while I think it's great Pete stood up for his team, I was very confused by Craig's take on the Skyliner. The team will complain about everything (and rightfully so at times) from slow service at a restuarant to rooms that aren't up to standard, but for some reason the Skyliner incident, malfuction, accident, or whatever else you want to call it wasn't a big deal because "no one died". I get accidents happen, but they were major issues identified from this which include being stuck in a box in the heat with little to no airflow, lack of communication from Disney to guests about what was going on, and lack of emergency supplies. I give Fire/Rescue credit for evacuating everyone within 3 hours, but they expressed concern before it opened about their staffing and a need to increase it. The apologetic stance towards Disney (while ignoring the issues identified) was confusing given the team's criticism of Disney in other areas. Also, if you are going to take a hard line stance in the comment section, stand by what you say. Why repost the comment section and take out your replies?


    Sorcerer please cast forever love spell for me
    Jul 16, 2007
    I usually do not comment on "hot button" issues, preferring to keep my thoughts to myself, and especially in the case of things at WDW, since my last visit was 7 years ago, and I don't have one planned for the future.

    But - I find I must make a comment here. That is - the elevator in my building is down fairly frequently. I think 7-8 times his summer alone. And yes - people have been stuck (not me, fortunately) and have had to be evacuated by the Fire Department. Whenever I get into it, I make sure to have my cell phone in my pocket, and that I have just gone to the bathroom. Just positive and preparative action on my part, but certainly ain't gonna stop me from taking it. Just sayin'.


    Earning My Ears
    Apr 24, 2019
    Way to go Pete! I love listening to these shows because of the people on them and how their personalities mesh. Keep up the good work everyone!


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