PBH-US/IOA trip 1/13-1/16-WOW!!!!!!!!!! (Part Two)


Earning My Ears
Jan 19, 2001
First let me start by apologizing for the delay in posting part two of my trip. I got so caught up in work I almost forgot I hadn't finished my trip report.

We slept in Sunday morning until about 8:30-I try not to use an alarm clock while I'm on vacation with the hope that perhaps I will actually get some extra sleep. It never seems to happen, but there is always the plane ride home to catch up on sleep. We grabbed a quick breakfast of diet coke and candy out of the mini-bar and headed to the boat launch. We waited about five minutes for the boat to arrive. We found the boat service to US to be very reliable-even if you missed one there was always another boat a few minutes later. The boat ride was quite relaxing and we got an awesome view of the new HRH.

When we first arrived at City Walk I was a bit overwhelmed by the size. I had never been to US before and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. Needless to say the atmosphere is awesome and we were both so excited we didn't know what to do first. We saw scooby doo standing outside the entrance of US so we decided to go there first. I love scooby doo so much, my dog is even named scooby. He's a poodle-not a great dane-but the name works. I got some super pictures of the entrance to US and scooby and we were on our way to a day of fun.

When we first entered US I knew my DH was going to love the park. He loves movies and at Disney his favorite park is MGM. We grabbed a map and decided to hit T2 first. There were quite a few people in line so we decided to test out our FOTL access pass. We just walked up to an employee and showed them our PBH room key and they whisked us off to another entrance. We felt like royalty!!! The 3-d show was awesome. We loved the combination of 3-d and live actors. After T2 we made our way to MIB which had a HUGE line. It was only then that we realized how incredible FOTL access was. We walked right to the front bypassing the line and actually rode 5 times in a row. The ride is addicting and a whole lot of fun-definatley one of the best in the park.

After our MIB adventures we made our way to the Animal Actors on Stage show-I love animals and this is a must-see show for people like me. We, of course, loved the show and while we were waiting for it to begin we planned the rest of our day at the parks.

We saw all the major attractions at US-Twister, Kongfrontation, Jaws, ET and BTTF. We also had a delicious lunch at the diner that serves burgers, very good burgers and an equally delicious bratwurst from a stand near the jaws ride. After grabbing some excellent picutures and one more spin on MIB, we decided to head over to IOA.

I love how citywalk, IOA and US are all within walking distance of one another. If you don't have children it really is possible to do it all in one day. The great thing about having two full days is being able to go experience the awesome rides for a second time!!!

Stay tuned for part three-our awesome adventure at IOA!!!!!
Mahalo for your report. I am looking forward to read about an adult's only visit. That is what we will do next time (for the first time) and we are feeling a little lost. ;)
Wonderful report! Thanks for taking the time to write. Don't worry about taking awhile to post, my final installment almost 2 months after our trip!
Thanks for the great trip report sprout! We saw Scooby also. Just love that dog. :D



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