Parking garage questions


Nov 3, 2000
OK, these have been floating around in the back of my mind for some time, but my experience today is finally going to get them asked.

First, is there any logical pattern to the way cars are parked in the garages? It doesn't make much sense to me. I got to Universal today around 10 or 10:30 in the morning. I ended up being parked on the roof of the garage in one of the farther rows (Jaws 514). What bothers me is that as I passed by floors 4 and 3, I noticed that they were less than 1/4 full. Isn't one of the big points for the garages the fact that most of the cars using them will be sheltered? Shouldn't that benefit apply to the cars that get there earlier and thus would be out in the weather longer? Filling the first 4 levels first would accomplish that.

My second question/gripe is with the moving walkways that connect the garages to CityWalk. It seems that every time I go (3-4 times a month) 2 or 3 of the walkways are either out of commission or not providing their service by going the wrong way. Today as I was leaving around noon, out of the 12 walkways between CityWalk and my car not a single one was going in the direction of the garages! There wasn't a huge flow of people coming in either. The walkways were either going towards CityWalk, not moving at all, or were being worked on with big signs on them that said "Preventative Maintenance". If it is truly preventative maintenance, couldn't it be done at night? Do the walkways and escalators really break down this often?

Whew, it seems I got a little worked up here.. sorry about that. Honestly though, does anyone know the filling procedure of the garages or the logic behind it? Does anyone know why the walkways are often stopped/broken/going the wrong way?

I noticed this too. We arrived quite early at 8.15am ready for opening and we were among the first cars park. We were in Jaws - probably as far from the park as its possible to be. I didn't really mind but it struck me as a bit odd that they didn't fill up the closer places first.
On a positive note all the moving walkways were working (towards the park) except one which was being fixed as we passed.

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Glad I'm not the only one noticing the bizarre parking procedures. We've been close & far when early & late. There was never an established rule of thumb.
As far as those moving sidewalks go, I understand why they're always feeding you to the Parks and hardly making it convenient going away from!

One side note on the moving sidewalks....if just riding, please stay to the right. Faster cars wanna get by! (now if we could just get that to occur on I-4)
I can understand wanting to have more walkways going to the parks than away while still fairly early in the day, but when a set of 3 across walkways are all going in the same direction for no apparent reason it gets on my nerves. I also wouldn't mind having to walk the furthest possible distance from a car to the parks if I'm just arriving, but I definitly would have a problem if I had to do that after a long day in the parks. The only time I've seen not a single one not going towards the lots was the other day, but I've seen a few not working quite often, including during the mad rush out after the Mardi Gras parade.
i've never experienced these problems before...not to bash your thread or anything..just never encountered my father has back we always park in Jurassic Park lot..but im sure the problems are there..just my .02 cents(im sure it's not worth that much <IMG WIDTH="15" HEIGHT="15" SRC="/infopop/emoticons/icon_razz.gif" alt="razz"> )




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