Park Advice When Traveling with a 2 year old and a 60 year old newbie........

Discussion in 'Disney for Families' started by AC7179, Sep 2, 2007.

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    Hey all..........I had originally posted this on the Theme Parks board, but thought maybe some of you Families posters might help. I am so torn about what to do when traveling with my Mom and my daugther. I am debating extra MK time......or just extra rest. I'd love ALL OPINIONS!

    We (Me-28, Mom-60, and daugther 2, almost 3) are going to WDW from September 14-21st.

    We are arriving late Friday the 14th and departing early Saturday the 21st.

    My plans so far are:

    Saturday, September 15: MGM Studios. Go at opening and get Tickets for the Playhouse Disney Live! Show. Hit the regular Playhouse Disney show, maybe the Great Movie Ride, Little Mermaid show and Beauty and Beast. Have a late lunch at 50s Prime Time. Other than that, there is not really a whole lot for us to do with a two year old. We also might hit the Honey I shrunk the Kids playground, but really.......I don't know how long we will be there.

    Sunday we will hit the Little Ones EMH at the MK. We have ADRs at Crystal Palace. I'm thinking we will leave around 1:00 and head back to POP for a rest. Then, we'll go back to the MK for as long as the little one can handle it.

    Monday we are doing AK. We'll be there for EMH early and then hit the Safari, Dinoland, and some of the trails. We are eating at Donald's Restaurantasauras. I am thinking we'll be done here around 1 or 2, head back to POP and then dunno what for the evening.

    Tuesday we are doing Epcot. We'll be there for EMH at 8. Try to hit Soarin' (the 2 year old is iffy on her height, so we shall see) if Soarin' is not open we'll do the attractions in the land until Nemo opens, ride Nemo, maybe see Crush, then head over to Norway for the Princess Breakfast. After the breakfast we will hopefully travel the Showcase while the little one sleeps in the stroller. We will probably leave around 3 or so, depending on the nap.

    Wednesday and Thursday we are doing MK, with a break for a little rest.

    Anyway, I am debating upgrading our Tickets to Hoppers for the MGM, AK, and EPCOT days. We could head to the MK during those evenings. But, then I think......the MGM day I am sure we will be tired from traveling the day before. If I can avoid the 2 year olds nap that day, she will be in bed around 7 or 730 that night and it might be welcome for me and my mom, plus we have to wake up early the next morning. Also with the Epcot and AK days, maybe we would enjoy just playing at the resort and relaxing those evenings. Also, it would cost abuot 90 bucks for the hoppers, which is a nice chunk fo change.

    My mom has never been to WDW but has been to DL, but I wanted to show her around. I also debated skipping AK for an extra day at MGM but I would kinda like for her to see it. On the other hand, she hates being hot, and I have heard AK can be miserable. you can see I am very torn. Thoughts and or opinions?
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    Jun 25, 2006
    Sounds like a very nice trip you have planned. I remember when we our daughter was the same age as yours, she came home potty-trained as we were hot, drank water and went potty all day long -- it was a great bonus souvenir to WDW!!

    Anyway, I would definately consider the hopper passes...that just gives you so much flexibility, especially if you take a rest break: tackle a park that closes early in the am, like MK or AK and then hit MGM or Epcot in the pm. Here are some strategies that worked great for us:

    * DEFINATELY go to the Little Ones Travel Hours at MK....I would go every morning its offered if you can (and have hoppers). That is so worth it! Only Fantasyland is open and it is just families there...very, very light crowds.l And the characters are out to PLAY with the kids and go on rides and interact. It truly is magical.

    * Carry a cooler bag w/drinks and snacks for kiddo - you want to have those on hand and not have to search out the right snack and then wait in line. Invest in water strap for mom or pop her water in cooler bag too.

    * If you are properly hydrated, expect plenty of potty breaks.

    * Make sure Mom isn't a fashionista and has proper footwear. I hounded my Mother about this, as she didn't even own sneakers, and just bought some to shut me up. She ended up thanking me - she didn't expect so much walking!!

    * Rides and shows are VERY loud, so prepare folks w/earplugs or covering ears.

    * If you go on Great Movie Ride, it is very doable w/ear protection and absolutely do not let child look up in Alien section!

    * Hit the playgrounds at each park and even the resort. The poor kids are in strollers and lines all day. They love to run around and stretch their legs -- watch for water fountains though!

    * I have had great luck with getting a poppet to snooze while strolling World Showcase at Epcot. It is also delightful to take that break and get in some swim time and a bit of time away from all the stimulation.

    * I wouldn't skip AK for MGM....there is a ton of great stuff there, like Kilimanjaro Safari, Festival of the Lion King Show, Nemo Show, Pangini Trail, etc . I know I am repeating myself, but this is a great park for touring in the am, taking a break, then heading off to a relaxing evening.

    * I think you are wise to do an early bedtime if you know dd won't settle down to nap.

    Have a great trip.
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    I can't say this enough. Take naps. We went with my DP's a few years ago. Almost ran them into the ground on day one. And we take naps daily. usually the first day is just going back to the room for a swim or to lay down. By day 2, our little ones would nap. My DP's did not opt to nap. They felt it later in the day.

    Plan extra time to get places. If your DM needs assistance, consider getting her an electric cart. Easier on her. Though driving them is not easy feat. People will cut in front of them all day long. My DM had this problem.

    Hydrate. It's hot in September there. Make sure you are drinking water before you are thirsty. Forgo soda or coffee for water. Drink smaller amounts often.

    Consider using the daycare places such as Neverland at the Poly. A little expensive, but you can be assured that they are safe. That will give you a little you time.

    Sounds like you already have a plan. It's about having fun. Don't let schedules get in the way of having fun. Schedules even at Disney can be stressful. If you are having difficulty making it to planned events, then consider changing your schedule. Be flexible.

    I hope you have a great time.

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