Our 3rd trip in 3 years- what's new to do?

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    Oct 28, 2000
    Well, here it is. The trip report from our 3rd end of August trip in 3 years. We have stayed on site the last 5 times (2/96 at WL, 11/98 at CR, 8/00 at BC, and 8/01 and 8/02 at Dolphin). There is nothing like it! We are two "adults"- me and DH both in our early 40's, and 2 DDs- ages almost 13 and 16. Last year's trip we left the older DD home, but this time we were an intact family unit. We had worked on DH not to travel in "commando mode". You know, when you get up at 6 and are out without a break until 11. This year that was not going to happen. He was psyched for a leisurely trip.
    Well, I tell you, that is truly what we had! We arrived at around 7:30 on a Wed. evening via our Tiffany Town Car (this is truly a lovely way to travel from the airport, and with 4 of us, not expensive at all!). We checked into our room at the Dolphin promptly- a balcony room facing Epcot, Yay! The room is kind of small for 4 people, especially the beds, but adequate and the location is terrific. Next we went out for a walk on the Boardwalk and a bite to eat. We stopped at Big River Grille, which is undergoing a facelift. We chose 3 appetizers to share. The service was good, even when we sent something back for being too cold. We had decided that we would eat at restaurants we hadn't been to before. This is hard, considering the number of restaurants we've been to. However, this was one of them. We will probably not return on a subsequent trip, altho it was ok.
    We missed Illuminations from our balcony, but walked around the Boardwalk after eating before turning in.
    Day 1:
    DH and I had registered for the Hidden Treasures of Epcot tour and left the kids in the room to sleep and have breakfast on their own. We met the tour at the entrance of Epcot and were underway at 10AM. This is a 3 hour tour- however I thought it was only 1.5 hours. Big mistake, but rectified via our walkie talkies. This tour, for $59 per person, is fabulous. You learn things and go places you never knew about. It is a full 3.5 hours, so be prepared. However, if you have been to epcot several times, it is a way to make the place new for you.
    As the sky opened up at the end of the tour, we were soaked when we met the DDs at China for lunch. This was a great choice- a $14.95 all you care to eat. They even charged us the child rate for our younger dd. She is not a big eater, so it was a big savings. The food choices were excellent and plentiful= all in all, a great lunch.
    Then we headed back to the hotel for a rest and swim. We changed our PS for dinner to another night, since we were all full from lunch. Headed back to Epcot for Shockwave and Illuminations. Wow, Shockwave was fantastic. I can't wait to see if it comes to Broadway! Then, as usual, Illuminations was great. It is our favorite show. Only disappointment was getting to the pastry shop in France to find they had not much of a selection left at the end of the evening. No Napoleons, my favorite.
    Oh, a note about the Dolphin. The bed in our room was so old that DH and I could not sleep the first night. When I complained to the desk, they moved us right away to a new room- right next door. What a great staff they have. This bed was better, albeit not great. The bellman who helped us said they were renovating slowly, mostly business type rooms, to the Heavenly beds. Hopefully by the next trip...
    After Illuminations, we headed back to the room to end the day. All in all,a great first day!
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    we leave Friday for the Dolphin and as always I am soooooooo excited....so was this great meal at the China restaurant the sit down restaurant....thanks again for your report
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    Thanks for the report!

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