OnSite Suite for Less than $150.00???


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Mar 13, 2001
Please help, I was fortunate enough to secure ressies for ASMU with disc code for May 13-19. However DH, feels these rooms are to small and we should move Off site to a "Suite" hotel. I want the atmosphere!
Please any ideas welcome.
Would like to keep is less that $150 per night!
Anyone have any good codes please email me.


AS 05/01 ???

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Aug 25, 2000
we stayed at ASmusic,there was no magic!! Everything was wrong!! and the room is a motel 6 type room nothing special,here,unless you count the wall paper in the bathroom,it had men on it staring at you and one was a real pervert!!

we got better service from our two off site hotels!!we loved! the Holiday Inn Family Suites this placed rocked!! we were 5 people in a kid suite w/a crib!

And HIFS is really really close to the epcot gate to wdw and the Buena Vista Factory Outlet Stores!!

do a search here for the HIFS and you will see that lots of people love it there. :D :D :D



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May 21, 2000
See if they are offering any discounts for the Disney Institute. I think they are the oldest but they have been refurbished. The pool isn't themed but the rooms are nice. At the top of the forum page there is a link that lists the available discounts, codes etc. I think that the Fort Wilderness Cabins aor Trailers are less then the other home away from homes. Good luck. I think that there is an 800 # for CRO too. Maybe 800-828-0228 I am not 100% sure of that. Make sure you donot get a package, make a room only ressie and then get passes etc after that. Good Luck.


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Feb 19, 2001
Try the Doubletree suites in the WDW Hotel plaza. I had a $149 rate there. Also the Doubletree club is right around the corner. The All Stars are yucky and SMALL. You'll be glad you switched.


Earning My Ears
May 17, 2000
if there is absolutely no chance of you cancelling, try renting points from a vacation club owner; studios are quite large, two queen beds, fridge & micro...the availability was scant, but people do cancel all the time...you may be able to get one for around $100 w/ no tax; good luck


Feb 3, 2000
Fort Wilderness for $160 pre tax later in the month with an AP discount.

I've told my wife the same thing about the smaller resorts. I'd stay home or off site before going to an AS.

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Jan 21, 2001
The Swan and Dolphin also have a bunch of great discounts which include the studios and jr. suites. You'll need an AP or DC card unless you are a teacher, gov't employee or nurse. There's a FAQ on the Resorts Board with all of the information. Do a search for GLO and you should be able to find it. (Sorry, I don't have the link available.) Good luck!


Check out the discount codes on marywaring.com or under discount codes where it says "click here" on the main page of this site. I also surfed for 3 wks for a place to stay and this board and the discount codes were life savers you can get great motels with some codes. hope this helps. :) :cool:


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Dec 19, 2000
Here's the correct link for my site:


There are several options that would give you suite-style accommodations on-site at about the same rate you mentioned. Disney Institute Bungalows are often available for about $139 with the codes from my page; also the Ft. Wilderness Cabins, which are running $134-149 with certain discounts and codes.

Good luck!


Earning My Ears
Mar 31, 2001
I've stayed at DI and at HIFS. The magic is debatable at DI. Wonderful accomodations, but if you have children going HIFS is much better. The rooms are more fun than DI, the pool seemed better (HIFS doesn't have a slide. We never went to DI's but it looked pretty apartment-standard-issue from outside.) Plus, DI's bus service shares with OKW, so getting back from the parks is faster to HIFS in most instances. I'd do DI again if it was less than HIFS (and drive to all parks but MK), but so far HIFS has worked best for us.

I've stayed at HIFS, WL and DI on my trips. All were nice, but I have a definate preference for a suite. I've got a 4yo dd who needs some play time and WL was just too cramped. Plus having a fridge was so convenient. Your dh may have a valid point about getting a suite.


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May 22, 2000
We were at PO two years ago and HIFS this past year and the 'magic' was just as good at HIFS. For me, the 'magic' is being on vacation, staying in a nice place, and watching the kids have fun! Having the suite made all the difference in the world. I hate hanging out in the evening on the beds watching tv...even if you get two rooms, you're still hanging out the entire time in the bedroom!
I agree that the Institute is not kid friendly. If you have older kids, it may not matter, but if your children are under 13, then HIFS is a much better choice.
The vacation is not just the theme parks, but the entire time you're gone (IMHO). Let it be nice from the time you wake until the time you go to sleep. Listen to your husband and stay off-site at HIFS -- I don't think you'll regret it!


Earning My Ears
Mar 13, 2001
Thanks for all the wonderful replies.
Now does anyone know how to get a great rate at the HIFS?


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