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Jan 29, 2001
I would like to know how my Fellow Canadian Disney Fanatics save their money. I do the change thing, but I have no luck with rewards programs because I find they are so geared towards the US citizens, and sometimes Canadians can't even cash in. So, what do you all do?

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Save for many years and don't take any REAL holidays - and then just splurge! We went with the Fall Fantasy package which was a pretty good deal for us. We knew it was going to cost us alot - that's why we don't plan on returning for 5 years.
Like I allready said ...... freez my creditcard in a plastic bag and forget about it for a while. :D
Do a lot of recycling. At work, at our parents house, in camping, every wher we can find bottles. And we stay out side disney, so most of our money goes for the park, instead of the hotel. I dont know if it helps...°o° :cool:
I'm lucky in the way that my job only has to pay for the kids sports and our vacations. This coming trip is our third in a one year span. Now our first trip 5 years ago took alot of budgeting. We would but all our gas at Canadian Tire, get the coupons, then buy all cleaning supplies with the canadian tire money, and put the real money we spent into our vacation fund. Also every 3 or 4 months when you happen to get that 5th paycheck we would put every cent of that away. Also asking family for American money in lieu of birthday or Christmas gifts really helped out

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