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    Jan 26, 2000
    Friday, Sept 27
    The travelers:3 couples who have traveled together but never to WDW

    B-46 ME T & M 50's J & Mac 60's
    D-49 DH

    Well today is the last day of our WDW vacation, we have just plain wore everyone out so no meeting in the hallway this morning. Since D and I can stand to tear ourselves away from WDW we got up at 7 and finished packing and grabed a coffee and a banana from the breakfast room and headed out with a promise to return by 11:30 to pick up the others.

    We got to Epcot at 8:50 and waited for a cute little boy to announce that Epcot is Open. We did some pin trading with some nice CM's. Had a shake at pure and simple. Did body wars. Went to the land and spent a few minutes in the Passholder Lounge, this is really a nice spot for some down time and a quick coffee. Picked up a Figment shirt for our daughter and a baseball ESPN shirt for the 15 year old, he is so hard to buy for but sports will do it for him.

    It's 10 now so we say good by to epcot and head over to MGM. Now here is a strange thing that happened, we got to the parking lot and the CM waves us over to the other side to follow some other cars. We thought this was strange went in parked kind of a self service area , no tram so we walked in, not far though.
    Made some really good trades with CM's, got the piglet train car and a cute pinnochio pin. Found the Firefighter with Mickey pin at the pin station, I have been hunting this one down all week. So was really glad to get it. Also picked up the Jack in a Beanstalk Mickey LE pin. Made one last stop in a store and spoke to a couple of nice lady CM's, we talked about pins of course! The told us about the regulars who come every morning and clean out all the lanyard pins so they have started holding onto them untill later in their shift, but she did hint about a mystery pin she had on so I traded with her and it was a dalmation lanyard pin. So we thanked her for saving it for us and made our way out of the park. We have been in a rush since early and decided to take the tram to the parking lot just go get a break. Well the driver pulls the tram up to Stage I think we got off and headed to the parking lot on the other side she starts yelling where are we going?? Thats CM parking. D says thats were we are parked. She starts to chase us down we stop and explain we were directed to park there when we arived, what a mixup. Be carefull where you park.
    We headed back to the hotel and got there at ll:25 and of course everyone is in the lobby waiting for us. Ran up to the room got our suitcases and checked out at 11:30.

    Head to DD and it is so HOT, the van outside temp said 102, Did i say it is HOT,??? We split up and finished up our shopping for the kids and our grandson. Ate at McDonalds, nice cold lemonade. Wish I had remembered about the kitchen store we could of had a nice salad and a yummy desert. Met back up with everyone at 2:15 and head to the airport. Dropped off the rental van with no problems. Packed our purchases in the suitcase and checked in. No bag checks at security so this made us happy. They did really check out the laptops though. Mac had bought a stone type egg at the Ak Lodge well I guess they thought it looked like a granade or something so their carryons were searched the lady searching breathed a big sigh when she saw the wrapped up item was just a stone egg. One little girl was just heartbroken when her dolly had to go through the security x-ray. It is so sad that things are the way they are, but better safe than sorry.
    We head for our gate and stopped for a drink.
    The planes both arived on time and we made it back about 10 minutes early.

    We all had a great trip, but were really beat by the heat and humidity. I think we would have enjoyed the trip more if we had stayed onsite and could have used the transportation to split up a little, . We enjoy traveling with the other couples but we had just too much waiting around for each other and all had different ideas for what we wanted to do. J and Mac where not into the pin trading at all so that took alot of time away from their park experience. It is kind of like kids, you can't keep everyone happy all the time. We will all travel together many more times but probably not to WDW. We met so many nice people during our week and made over 100 pin trades, most with CM's. Most are so patient to have people looking at the pins all the time and have so much information to share about the parks or themselves
    Thanks to you all for reading these long reports.
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    Mar 25, 2000
    Sounds like you had a great time - even dealing with the heat - I also 'hear' you about people wanting to do different things - thanks for posting!
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    Mar 20, 2002
    :D Thanks for taking the time to post your reports! They were fun to read. I can imagine trying to keep everyone happy would get tiring after a while. It sounds like you still had a great trip, though!
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    Thank you for taking time to post your reports :D


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