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Discussion in 'Welcome to the DIS' started by yoopertravelers, Feb 28, 2013.

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    Hi-we are taking our LARGE party of 8 on a Disney Cruise on Oct 27th. We want to arrive in Orlando Friday the 25th (afternoon) and do the MK on the 26th. It's going to be a incredible trip but also VERY expensive.

    I'm considering doing MNSSHP on the day we arrive. Does anyone know how much tickets are to that event?

    What is the least expensive way to eat at the MK? We are most likely staying at AoA. Does it pay to do the dining plan. I looked at the least expensive plan and I believe it was like 60.00 a person that included 2 quick service meals, a drink and a snack. That seems like a lot but I'm not sure how much a meal is since it's been 6 years since we were there last!

    My 16 year old daughter has been to the MK but is taking her boyfriend with who is 17 (we are having separate cabins and hotel rooms!) and he has never been. If we do the Halloween party the day we arrive should I get them tickets to a different park or do you think the MK will keep teens that age busy? My daughter is a chicken and not in to roller coasters but her bf is a adrenaline junkie!

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    hi there we have done this before our cruise, buy just a 1 day ticket and add park hopper, or else you will need to buy a 2 day park ticket. mnsshp tickets are somewhere in the 50 range from what I remember when we went in 2011. Dont really need the dining plan for just a short stay, since you have teens have you ever been to beaches and cream at beach club resort? We took our teen grandkids and ordered the kitchen sink they thought it was awesome, its an ice cream sundae that is HUGE! there should be pics of it here on the dis well worth the 25 dollars it may cost will feed at least 4 people if not more! Burgers there are really good and the atmosphere is fun any questions I can answer will be happy to do so:thumbsup2
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    First, here are the October prices for MNSSHP last year...
    Adults $62.79, Child $57.46.

    You need to know, these ticket prices are IN ADDITION to the regular park tickets you will need to purchase if you plan on staying the whole day at MK. As of now, a single day ticket is Adults $89.00, Child $83.00.

    So if everyone is 10 years old or older, to spend the day and night at MK, you're looking at $1,214 for your party of 8!

    But dates for 2013 have not been announced yet. So can't be sure there is a party on 10/26. FYI, last year on that Saturday there was not a MNSSHP.

    As far as dining, I would not recommend the Dining Plan for a one day visit. Pay out of pocket and eat when and what you want. Still make an ADR if you plan on having a table service meal.
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