Old Key West - What's it Like?


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Jun 9, 2000

Well, we're looking again. The job situation has changed for the better.

I've been looking at pictures of Old Key West on Our Laughing Place.com and from the pictures it looks so pretty. From the photos it looks like all the white picket fencing and gingerbread trim, etc., is kept up beautifully. We haven't been on site at Old Key West. We have passed it when driving by though.

Can you guys that have been there give me an idea of what it's like? It looks like there's a lot of landscaping and flowers from the pictures. We have always liked the feel of the Caribbean Beach and wonder if it's similar? Are the rooms kept up as nice as the outside looks?

We have two themes at Walt Disney World that we love - tropical and the Wilderness Lodge. Given that Old Key West has cheaper annual dues, we are leaning towards Old Key West.

We bought OKW resale without ever seeing it up close and Dec. 2000 we stayed at "Home". We were thrilled!

Your impressions are mostly right. Lots of green, white fences, grounds are kept up well. We loved it. We had a GV and it was awesome. Then at the end of the week all our guests had left and hubby and I moved to a one bedroom and were again impressed with all the room. Both units were in great shape, clean and had lots of room.

We had our family portraits taken right there out side the check-in (I forgotten what this building is called) and some inside with the christmas decorations and the library type setting as a backdrop (through Disney Photographic services). And they turned out great.

We love the WL also, but haven't yet been to CBR.
Since joining DVC we use our points to stay at "Home" and check out some of the other on property resorts.
OKW is beautiful, both for its grounds and its interiors. The buildings are well kept and the grounds are spacious, beautifully landscaped and very well kept. The views are tranquil and the little animals (rabbits, ducks, other birds) add to the quiet, serene nature of the resort. You can easily relax and enjoy this resort independent of the theme parks. Ample and convenient parking is a very important aspect for me as are the larger sized rooms and the multiple pools. I like the island feel versus the themed pool amusement park feel. Etc., etc.

Wilderness Lodge villas are very, very nice also, but completely different from OKW. As always pointed out, it is purely a matter of personal preference.
I love OKW! It's very laid back and relaxed. I sometimes think of CBR as OKW's little sister because it has that same "no worries" feel about the place.

Here are some photos I took on one of my trips:
Robin's OKW Photos
We purchased sight unseen at the BWV 2 years ago but couldn't get in for our 1st stay there, so we took a 2 bdr at OKW. I can't say enough good things about it. We loved everything about it. It was quiet, the rooms and grounds were in perfect condition. The view of the golf course was breathtaking. Sitting out on our balcony after a long day was a wonderfully relaxing end to our busy days. Our stay last November was at the BWV and we had a great view of the BW in a 1bdr, and loved it also but our next trip in 2 months is back to OKW. The wonderful thing about DVC is having the choices.

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