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Discussion in 'Disney Rumors and News' started by roymccoy, Sep 25, 2003.

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    Jul 18, 2000
    I sometimes visit a website put up by Wil Wheaton, the kid from Star Trek. (Wesley Crusher.) He has an interesting look at things and I like his site. I was interested to see the following post that he wrote a couple of days ago.


    UPDATE: Avast! I be a day early! Some scurvy bilgerat
    scutterd off w'me sextant! Tomorrow be t'day, but
    t'entry be in port a day early, ya dawgs. YARR!

    Ahoy there, me WWdN mateys! Today be talk like a
    pirate day! In honoro'this grand occasion, I be writin'
    today in PIRATE! Yarr!

    Since I was 14, I've had an annual passt'Disneyland.
    me best bucko Darin and I got our passes t'at t'same
    time, as Xmas gifts from his mom.

    Throughout our teenage years, we wentt'Disneyland
    (or "t'kin'dom" as we called it in a desperate
    attemptt'sound cool) hundredso'times. In winter, we'd
    head downt'Anaheim late on Sunday afternoons, and
    stay until t'park closed at midnight. There's somethin'
    wonderful about Disneyland late at night when it's
    mostly empty. For me, that's when Disneyland feels
    t'most "magical." Shiver me timbers!

    When I was about 18 or 19, I let me pass lapse, and
    didn't renew it until a coupleo'years ago. These days,
    Anne and I sneak down thar once or twice a month --
    usually while t'sprogs be in school -- and I still get
    down thar with Darin from timet'time.

    T'last time I was thar, while I was walkin' under what
    usedt'be t'People Mover, I looked at t'abandoned
    Submarine Lagoon, and noticed for t'first time that
    t'waterfalls were turned off . . . and realized that
    Tomorrowland sucks. Yarrr!

    As I pondered t'change in Tomorrowland, and lamented
    t'losso'T'People Mover, Misisont'Mars, t'huge Arcade,
    and t'movin'o't'rocket ships downt't'ground, I felt sad .
    . . because Disneyland should be a place where time
    stands still, aye.

    It should be a place that's more or less timeless, where
    an adult can reconnect to his childhood in a tactile
    way. I'm not suggestin' that Disneyland shouldn't take
    advantageo'new technologies and let t'park evolve in
    certain ways . . . look at how great t'Indiana Jones
    ride be . . . but by takin' just about everythin' I loved
    about Tomorrowland, and replacin' it with
    t'likeso't'Rocket Rods and Innoventions, Disney has
    effectively removed a childhood touchstone from me
    life! Yaaarr!!

    T'one areao't'park that's almost exactly t'same way it
    was when I was a kid be New Orleans Square, so it's
    no surprise that me favorite rideso'all time be thar:
    T'Pirateso't'Caribbean, and T'Haunted Mansion.

    I love Pirates so much, I be willin't'overlook Disney's
    stupid political-correct-izin'o't'ride a few years ago.
    And I'm such a Nightmare before Christmas geek,
    t'Haunted Holiday just makes t'mansion that much
    better for me, ya swabbies.

    I think it's importantt'have some childhood
    touchstones, even if they be at amusement parks . . .
    when grown-up life gets me down, I can escape for a
    few hours down at T'Kin'dom. I can ride t'Mansion and
    recall t'three or four times I got t'couraget'ask a
    lasst'ride t'"make out" ride with me, even though I was
    always too nerdy and shyt'actually make out. I can
    ride Pirates and remember all t'times Darin and I rode it
    in a row, when we were tryin't'learn all t'dialogue.
    ("Shift your cargo,Ahoy!ie. Show 'em your larboard side
    . . . ")

    I think that Disney could do somethin' really
    coolt'Tomorrowland, if they closed it down and
    revamped it, t'way they did with Fantasyland aft in
    t'80s. Can you imagine how cool it would be if they
    rebuilt itt'more-or-less resemble t'Tomorrowlando't'60s?
    A Tomorrowland that was flush with optimism and
    excitement? When t'Adventure into Innerspace terrified
    me, because I was certain that it wouldn't be
    ablet'restore met'me original size? When t'Missiont'Mars
    was so hokey . . . but that just made it more fun?

    Hey, let me have me dreams, ya scurvy bilgerats!

    There's a great big beautiful tomorrow, shinin' at
    t'endo'every day . . . a pirate's life for meeeee!"

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    Disney has got to watch out...it's one thing when us Disney old timers talk about how the park isn't the same as it used to be. It's another thing when the "general public" starts to say the same thing. They better kick it into gear or it may not be such a great big beautiful tomorrow at Disney.


    BTW - His site is www.wilwheaton.net
  2. tink2dw

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    Aug 25, 2000
    Will sounds just like a Veteran!!
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  4. *Robin*

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    Mar 9, 2000
    Well, if he's a veteren, I must be on the verge of pushing up daisies! YIKES!
  5. DisneyKidds

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    Mar 30, 2001
    Not everyone has to be close to being worm food in order to be considered a "veteran" as opposed to part of the "general public" when it come to the way we view Disney around here. His history, his memories, his knowledge of the park/rides.............I think he'd fit right in with us and I don't know that his thoughts represent those of the unsuspecting, unknowing, unaware genral public just starting to figure things out.

    How old is he now anyway? Heck, he may have more Disney experience than some of the people you consider "veterans" around here ;).
  6. *Robin*

    *Robin* bibbity bobbity boo!

    Mar 9, 2000
    :teeth: I was just playing! :):):)
  7. DisneyKidds

    DisneyKidds <font color=green>The TF thanks DisneyKidds for mo

    Mar 30, 2001
    I know :). I was just trying to get across that he didn't seem to come across "general public" to me in his post. ;). To me "old timer" or "veteran" status doesn't mean much so long as someone appears to know of which they speak.

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