"Oh I lost my...again" An April 2012 TR ***Day 4:Done From Memory 7/6


Apr 24, 2010
Our fifth day started with a wakeup call, and then it took us two hours to be get ready. I left the room a little early and stopped at the general store. I bought a pair of earrings and a bag of Goofy’s cheddar popcorn…yum!
Once everyone was done getting ready and down at the bus stop we waited for the next bus…there was no interesting people their but final our bus arrived. Much to Cole’s disappointment we sat in the side way facing seats.

She looks so tired and small in this picture.

They’re just looking out the window up its still so cute.

Where were we heading you might ask? Well the answer is epcot!
When we got off the bus we headed right to Figment. This is one ride that just once I’d love for there to be a long line so that I can’t really take a look around the que. But I still take picture as I walk quickly through the que.


After the right we went into the lab. Sophie and Cole tried the different interactive things. Everyone build their own figments but none of the emails went through. :/ Oh well.

After thoroughly exploring Figment we headed over to the other end of future world. Our goal of the morning was to finish all of Future world. So that the next visit of EPCOT could be focused on World Show Case.

Sara and Cole wanted to go on Mission Space and I wanted to jump on test track. Mama Judy and Sophie were going to chill on and people watch. So, as a group we found a bench and the parted ways. I walked about 100 yards to Test Track and when I got there I was disappointed to find out that Test Track had been close to remodeled!

So, I walked back over to people watch. When I found them Sophie was eating my popcorn! When I tried to eat some of it she said to me “Yes, Emma you can have couple pieces” I had to laugh because all I could think was “Thanks soph for letting me have some of my popcorn.” LOL

Can’t you just tell how protective she is of her popcorn.

Well that’s it for today. In the next installment Sophie will get some pixie dust.
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    Apr 24, 2010
    The last thing I told you that Sophie was about to have some pixie dust bestowed upon her. While Sophie, Mama Jay and I were waiting I heard music starting to play. It turned out that one of Disney’s famous street performers. It wasn’t the Jaminators and I’m sad to say that I don’t remember what they called themselves but their story was that they were the engineers for the new Test Track. They sang songs that all had to do with cars like Barbara Ann by the Beach boys.

    After singing a couple songs thy asked if any of the kids in the audience wanted to join them for a song. And one of the performers zeroed in on Sophie and asked her to play the tire rim with her. Sophie was really nervous but went up and did it anyway. I was so proud of her. And she eventually ended up loving it. Between giving her a huge smile, and thumbs up I took about a zillion pictures but don’t worry I’ll only share a few of them.

    Explaining how to play it.

    I love this picture because she’s blinking but it kind of looks like she just really getting into the music.LOL

    Afterwards she came back over to me thrilled that she had done it. While they sang their last song Sophie looked at her pictures. As they were walking out Sophie and I asked if she could a picture with the singer. The group was amazing but the CM who chose Sophie was amazing. If you’re out here reading this I can’t thank you enough for being so sweet with her. She is so shy and you were so patience. I know she’s still young so may not remember this trip but I hope if she remembers any of it I hope she remembers this and loves it

    When we returned from the show she told Mama Jay what she had done. Mama Jay was sad that I hadn’t called her over but we showed her the pictures and she forgave us. Once we had returned Mama Jay went and did some shopping in mousegears and I waited some more for Sara and Cole. Sophie relaxed hardcore in her carriage.

    After about 5-10 more minutes Sara and Cole returned. Sophie told Sara what she had done and Cole told us that he was Captain on Mission Space. We did a quick rest stop and headed towards world showcase. We made a quick pit stop in the Pixie Hollow.

    Not in Pixie Hollow I just thought it was cute.

    I thought the whole display was very cute and well done. They had a lot of little details like the fairy house.

    So, where were we heading? Mexico. The pyramid was distortied so Sara took a picture of the kids and I in front of it.

    We hopped on the Mexico ride. Cole thought it was only okay and Sophie loved it. Once we were done with the ride we met back up with Mama Jay. We decide that I would take Sophie on the Mexico ride again and the rest of them would go on Malestrom. As we rode this time I snapped some pictures of the ride.



    Apr 24, 2010
    More pictures from Mexico.

    Can you spot the hidden Mickey?

    Thumbs up from Sophie.

    Because Mexico is always a walk on and Malestorm always seems to have 15-20 minute wait. So I figured we ride it again. I was going to ask if we could stay on and ride again but there was a family in the line so we got off and got in line again.

    Another thumbs up for the ride!

    After riding again I met a family who lived in the same town as the school I was attending in the fall (I was wearing a college shirt) and we talked about the area. We took a quick stroll around Mexico.

    Oh I forgot to mention the lovely CM’s gave Sophie some stickers.
    e left Mexico and found out the Sara, Cole and Mama Jay’s wait was super short and ended up waiting for a while. We decide to grab some lunch right across the way. I had heard rave reviews on the place but then I wasn’t really thrilled with the food. Although I loved the churros!

    After lunch we were getting ready to leave the park. On the way out we spotted some characters with very little line. So, we hopped in line. If any of you remember from the introduction I mentioned that I was going to school next year partly for special education and the group in front of us was a group of adults with down syndrome who were on a group trip to EPCOT. It was so sweet, especially how much they loved the characters and how good the characters with them.

    Me with my favorite, he’s trying to tickle me. (It’s my goal to meet him on every trip and I missed him last trip)

    Fixing Cole’s ear, which were almost ALWAYS lopsided.

    Sophie would only meet Stitch if I was with her and I don’t have the pictures. But she didn’t like Stitch because he teased her with her pen.

    She loved Daisy though!

    Well that’s it for today. I hope all of today’s pictures make up for the entries when I don’t have pictures. LOL

    I hope y’all have a great 4th of July! And I’ll probably be back Thursday with the next update(s).


    Apr 24, 2010
    So, this is going to be a quick update because I don’t remember much about it at all.

    After a little bit of time to relax we headed towards the Magic Kingdom. Our plan was to check out the new Mickey’s Circus area. I brought Cole on the Goofy’s roller coasters. And Mama Jay brought Sophie on Dumbo. Cole was a little scared on the roller coaster, though he won’t attempt it. Sophie LOVED Dumbo.

    After riding the Circus. We hopped on the train for Fontrierland. Cole and Mama Jay wanted to hit up Splash Mountain. So, Sara and Sophie went to see Country Bears. I had to go eat dinner because I was meeting up with my dad.

    I went to Columbia House (one of my favorites). After dinner I went out and ran into Mama Jay and Cole. It turned out the Splash Mountain went down for the night.

    After a quick conversastion with them I headed to the front of the park. I was heading to downtown Disney. My goal was to get on the first bus to any resort and head towards. Downtown. The first bus that arrived was the one for Saratoga Springs. I jumped on the bus and head towards SS. When we go to the first stop we saw that we were following the DTD bus and the driver asked who was heading toward DTD. Well half the bus raised their heads so he called the bus head of us and asked him to stop and wait for the people on the his bus. And the driver did, Pixie Dust.

    While I was at DTD I stop in the World of Disney store, TrenD and had sundaes at Garadelli.

    One my way back there was an accident at Pleasure Island and we ended up seating there for a good half hour. The bus was extremely crowed and everyone was crabby. So for about 30 minutes I sat their listening to a whole bus worth of people complaining.

    When I finally got back to OKW the rest of them were asleep. I got into bed and crash hardcore. The next day would be our relaxing day. And I was excited.


    Apr 24, 2010
    Hi, so this isn't really an update. I actually don't believe I have any readers left. LOL. But if I do I want to apologize to them for not finish this TR. It started out that I had many computer malfunctions. One which caused me to lose all the pictures I had saved to my computer.:furious: So, sadly I will not be finishing this TR. If you did stick around I would love for you to follow along for another Disney adventure that I may have in the future.

    In a summary of our trip Sara wants to one day bring her kids to Disney again some day in the future. I loved getting to go with little kids and I can't wait to bring my own children to Disney. But that isn't until years in the future. Everyone enjoyed themselves and hope to be back in our happy places again soon.

    I'm sorry for not finishing this trip report but I promise the next one I will.

    So in the words of Mickey Mouse: "See ya real soon."


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