"Official" 2019 Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween Party - A Frightfully Festive Celebration

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Nov 15, 2018
My girlfriend and I just got back from our week at DW nearly 7 hours ago. We attended the party Tuesday night (10/29). It was fun, but it was humid and very crowded. As far as I know it didn’t sell out. I checked around 7:20 that night, and tickets were still available.

It did not feel like a special ticketed event. We spent a full day at MK the day after our party night, and the party felt twice as crowded as our regular day. It also seemed way more crowded than the MVMCP we went to the Thursday after Thanksgiving last year.

I have an AP but she only had a party ticket for that day, so she was going to arrive at 4:00 and meet me in line for Jack and Sally. I arrived at MK around 11:30 after spending the early part of the morning at DHS, watched the FOF Parade from the left side of a lamp post in front of Town Square Theater, and then got in line for Jack and Sally. There were like 5 groups in front of me, and we met them at 4:37. Here’s a rundown of what we accomplished that night:

Met Jack and Sally
Shop for party merch at Emporium
Watched the Move It! Shake It! floats leaving the hub area
Michelle met Merida while I met Gaston
Met Pooh and friends
Met Lotso
Snacks at a yellow table outside Plaza Ice Cream Parlor
PhotoPass photo in front of castle on Main Street
Headless Horseman magic shot outside main entrance
Hitchhiking Ghosts and Hatbox Ghost magic shots
Took pics around Haunted Mansion
Met Mickey
Watched the parade and fireworks from the hub near Tomorrowland bridge
Met Stitch
Watched 11:15 parade in Frontierland across from Frontier Trading Post
Haunted Mansion lantern and stagecoach PhotoPass photos
12:00 Hocus Pocus show near partners statue


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Jul 3, 2014
Always sad that our mostly happy and cordial thread begins with a bang and slowly fades away as party season comes to a close. Alas, another party season is in the books.

Fortunately for us the last party dates coincided with W&D Half weekend, so I got in some bonus MNSSHP time with visits to the 10/31 and 11/1 party. I mentioned above that I found 10/31 pretty crowded - it was my first party on Halloween, but I probably wouldn't do that again if I ever have the opportunity.

Friday 11/1 was sold out but it felt identical (if not a little better) to the sold out Friday 10/11 party we also attended (which we enjoyed). The weather was incredible, ride lines were low for the most part (not including the overlays, 7DMT, and PP), TOT lines were prompt. I didn't witness any CMs being stingy with candy - we had full bags after only a few stops. They were giving out double starter packs at the beginning. Can't speak for characters and such.

We were at the Disney Jr. dance party during fireworks. The characters came out and sat on a rock wall/ledge just outside the tent to watch with the kids (not many there at the time). The fireworks are pretty much right over you / around you back there. This was totally unexpected and made for some incredible pictures.

I needed to bail early but DW and DD5 stayed until 12:30am (pretty telling for someone who thinks all this Disney stuff is a bit crazy and didn't want to go to the party in the first place 8-) ).

It was a fun evening.


It’s a Wonderful Life!
Jan 5, 2019
Also, a quick shout out to @monique5 and the countless other contributors to the 2019 MNSSHP thread. You provide a valuable resource for countless WDW/MNSSHP visitors each year.


Until next year, Boo to You everyone.
Ditto for all the fabulous contributors.
Primarily due to these posts (& a sprinkle of fairy dust), we had the most amazing time at our 9/24 MNSSHP. You guys rock!
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Feb 20, 2013
I know I am a few days late but just got home last night. I went to the last party November 1st. It was my first party ever.

Crowds: It was certainly crowded but nothing too extreme. I have definitely seen the park more crowded. We entered around 5:45ish

Candy: I filled my bag completely. We did the monsters inc. stop like 5 times. I wasn't here for the candy but it was definitely nice. I didn't get a chance to try any party treats.

Rides: We did Haunted Mansion, Pirates, Peoplemover, and Space Mountain.

Parade and Fireworks: We didn't have the best viewing for either but I still got to see both. For the parade we watched from Liberty Square. We were a couple rows of people back but still could see pretty much everything. I loved the parade. Fireworks we watched from the tomorrowland side of the castle so we didn't really get to see Jack. We did however get to see most of the projections which was good.

Only thing I missed out on was the Hocus Pocus show. I didn't get a chance to see it. I picked up a pin as well.

Overall it was a great night and I definitely would do it again. Its amazing though how much they pack this party at the price it costs.


Jan 23, 2014
I wen to 10 of the Parties this year; 3 with my son and 7 by myself. I’d get to the Park between 3 and 3:30 (with blue DVC card) and ride rides until 6:30, then wander the park until 9, doing some character greetings. No AP this year (I went to 2 Parties last year and spent half of each Party getting photos and magic shots), but the pictures on my phone turned out good. At 9, I fulfilled my promise to my son; fill up my backpack and large canvas bag with candy. Usually, I had this done by 10, in plenty of time to watch fireworks from Tomorrowland bridge. I only got candy from the Laff Floor in Tomorrowland and got to know several CM’s there very well. They also treated my quest as a game, loading my canvas bag with candy when no one was behind me (which was frequent between 9-10:15, with families finding a spot for the parade, then fireworks). They also loaded up my bags with green/sour skittles, which is my son’s favorite candy that Disney gives out at MNSSHP. Obviously, hauling that much candy back to my room each night, I headed out of the Park after firework. My son and I flew down with 4 large, empty suitcases. They weren’t empty on the way home. For my last 2 weeks (October 13-28th), I drove down, so there was No lim on the amount of candy that I took home. My son’s school was happy to get all the non green skittles, star bursts and life savers gummies to give out to the students on Halloween. That leaves a considerable amount of chocolate candy and green skittles still here. I wonder if Disney will offer the MNSSHP next year. If they do, I’ll sign up again.


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