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"TO MILE 9!!!"
Sep 30, 2003
I'm a little shy of the community board at the moment and thought my Wish Buddies would probably find this story humorous.

My Mom watched out house and fur babies while we were on our trip at WDW. My master bathroom has a Jacuzzi Tub that I just love. It was one of the reasons for buying our house, and when I told people that they would just roll their eyes. No, it is not the only reason I bought the house but it was a nice bonus! Anyway, I told my Mom the day before the trip that I had cleaned the tub for her in case she wanted to use it. Her response, "Oh Amanda I doubt I will ever use it - when will I have the time." I just said Okay.

When we got back from Vacation my mom picked us up at the airport. She works two jobs right now. 40 hours a week at a bank and then 20 to 25 hours a week at Kohls. She said that on Wednesday she had a really bad day at work and was suppose to meet up with friends that night for dinner. She decided to use our Tub to relax. LOL! She almost didn't make it to dinner because she was so comfortable in the tub. And according to her she went on and on about it at the dinner. Kept telling people if she ever buys a house or a condo she is going to make sure that option is available to her. One of the guys even teased her about our electricty bill going up because of her. Turns out she used the tub 3 times before we got back!!! And she is still going on and on about it. I told her so!::yes::

Just thought it was kinda cute and so my Mom!



Needs to Win the Lottery!!
Jan 3, 2000
That's one of the reasons that I want to win the lottery!! Those jacuzzi tubs are soooooo rejouvinating (sp)........

Your mom is sure lucky to have a thoughtful daughter like you!


Aug 11, 2003
I love jacuzzi's too. My husband and I often go on vacation to a place where we can rent cabins. It's beautiful and best of all, they have a jacuzzi. LOL, your mom sounds cute. ;)


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Feb 15, 2000
If you're going to house sit and take care of furbabies a great reward is a jacuzzi ;)


DVC Member Since 2001
Sep 1, 1999
Amanda - that is such a cute story! Last year DH and I saw a beautiful house in a neighborhood we weren't crazy about and what sold me on the house was the gourmet kitchen and the glamour bath with a big jacuzzi tub that faced a bay window. I wanted that bathroom so bad!!! The house just wasn't for us but I often think about the good times I could have had in that tub! It's definitely something I am keeping my eye on when we start looking again next year.

Thanks for sharing your story! Your Mom sounds adorable.


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