# of Days in each park?


Married Prince Charming. Mommy to Avery & William
Jun 22, 2004
For us, MK time has changed with the age of our kid. We used to do parts of three days there - during party season, we'd do two days plus a day with the party. Now, we're doing one - DD would rather spend more time at AK and HS, so our next trip we'll go to those two parks twice with a day each at Epcot and HS.

So it really depends on what you like to do. Your plan has too much hopping for me - I prefer to go to one park and only deal with the buses once per day - but again, others have different preferences.

Have an amazing trip - Christmas at Disney was so very magical!
I think that seems to be the consensus-what are our kids' preferences. When they talk about our last trip to WDW, it is all about MK! The next time we go, the magic is going to be a little different as our children get a couple years older.

We are a hopping family, always have been. :) We hop because we like to take a break around lunch and prefer to go back out around 4-5pm to a completely different park. Staying on the monorail makes hopping even easier.

Thank you!!! Never been at Christmas, so excited!


Married Prince Charming. Mommy to Avery & William
Jun 22, 2004
In case anyone is interested, moved some stuff around. You guys had great points and suggestions! We love shopping at Disney Springs so we switched to lunch and a break from waking up early.
Arrival Day: MK (it's a first day tradition) until we tire out (which is usually around dinner)
Day 2 AK and Epcot
Day 3 DHS and MK (must see Happily Ever After fireworks)
Day 4 MK and AK
Day 5 Disney Springs and DHS
Day 6 Epcot and MK (for MVMCP)
Day 7 No park, flying home

Thank you for all of your help! DIS is the best!


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