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  1. DeltaDawn

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    May 23, 2001
    Cast of Characters:
    Me- Disney Mom - 41yo
    DH- 42yo
    DD16A (Disney daughter 16 Amanda)
    DD16 J (Disney daughter's friend, living with us, 16 Juliana)

    Tues. 10/16
    I woke up to the ship docking in Castaway Cay, what a beautiful place! We got off the ship around 8:30 (don’t forget your ID, I did and had to go back to my stateroom for it. You need everyone’s key to the world card too.) We had no trouble getting a good spot on the family beach with a hammock. My DDs and I went snorkeling first. They recommend doing that early so all the sand doesn’t get kicked up. I loved it, it was lots of fun. We all had water cameras (I just put 13 rolls of film, from our whole land & sea vac , in to be developed!). I have to say, the water didn’t seam as salty as it does up on the Jersey shore.
    The BBQ lunch was very good. I loved the salmon. DD9 was happy to get a cheeseburger.
    By afternoon, the teens had gone to the teen beach, DH went back to the ship for a nap & DD9 & I stayed on the beach. As I remember, fondly, this vacation, the memory that comes to mind most is DD9 & I lying together in the hammock (while I sip that fruity “drink of the day”) & thinking “It doesn’t get much better than this!”
    DD9 & I went back to the ship around 3pm to get showered and ready for dinner at Animators Palate.
    AP was, by far, our favorite restaurant! The food was more to our liking, and the entertainment was fun. At the end of dinner, Prakash & Ante brought out a birthday cake for DD16A. Now, I have to say, we never mentioned DD16A’s birthday, because it was the week before. Prakash had come to ME & asked, when would we like to celebrate her birthday? I was impressed with him knowing this info and wanting to do this without us bringing it to him. DD16A was happy, she thought her B’day celebrations were over!
    That night, DH and I went to the show. I don’t remember the name. Something about a ghost ship. It was good but I was beat from the day on the beach. I had wanted to go to the comedy show but I was just too tired. Instead we went to the ESPN club, chatted with some people while DH caught the Yankee game. Then picked up DD9 at oceaneers and went on to bed.
    One really good thing, I felt totally comfortable about letting our DD teens stay out late at the common grounds. My DD14 liked it more than the other two, but they all made friends there. The only bad thing is, I wish the last night they would close the teen club a little earlier. It was hard for the kids to get up on Disembark day.
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    Sep 29, 2001
    I'm loving your trip reports question how was snorkeling at cast cay
  3. DeltaDawn

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    May 23, 2001
    I really enjoyed snorkeling. My DD9 had a difficult time with it. The teens were doing good until, DD16A had like a minor panic attack, she kinda freaked when she realized how far out we had gone and saw seaweed & stuff like that. I had to guide her back inland. Go early in the morning, otherwise the sand gets kicked up and the water is less clear. We didn't get out to the mickey statue, he is pretty far out there. I'll look for your report after your trip, have fun!

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