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    Sep 15, 2011
    We got back from Disney World yesterday as always a great trip. The last day we went to Universal Studios. Both of my kids (13 girl,10 boy) get gift cards throughout year to save for our yearly trip. Well I hold onto the gift cards and keep track of the balances. This year I dropped the ball, I thought my son had $30 left on his gift cards, he took them and went shopping. He was going to buy me a shirt for $25 and surprise me. I was walking around the store, my wife went with him to go to registered and just watched him from afar.

    A few minutes later I go to her and she is crying, of course I ask what is wrong she explains my son went to register to buy something, the gift card balances were like $7, so he was $18 short he started to walk away when the cashier told him to hold on. She talked to others and came back and handed him the shirt and said enjoy your trip. My wife went to give cashier extra money once she found out cashier refused saying "he is a good boy and deserves this", my wife lost it.

    My son went back to cashier and thanked her, she smiled and told him he was a good boy. This experience reminds me why we go to Disney. Thank you Disney and all the smiling faces that work there.
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