Non Kid Club and Non Character Activities for Families with Littles?


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May 16, 2013
We are looking at taking a Disney Cruise (possibly the 10/20 cruise on the Fantasy with 2 stops at CC and 1 stop at Lighthouse Point). A few questions:

1. My kids will be 3 and 5 at the time of that sailing and think the kids club might be overwhelming for them to be dropped off at. If they do love it, that’s great, but I am not going to count on it. How frequent are the family play times in the kids clubs where we can go in with them?
2. My kids at this point are scared of fur characters and would maybe want to meet one or two princesses so besides family time at the kids club, what other family activities can we participate in while on the ship to get them busy (and wear them out)?
There are some family crafts and coloring times. There are also some dance parties, some with characters some without. If your kids are okay with characters at a distance, these could be fun!
They usually have an open house in the kids club once per day, either in the Club or Lab side.

The Fantasy has the yellow Mickey slide which your three year old should be able to do, and the Aqua Duck which your five your old should be tall enough for. There is also a large splash area called the Aqua Lab.

Non-pool wise, there is mini golf and the Midship Detective agency. Dance parties are always a good way to tire out kids.

You might want to go over the navigator with them and see if there are any activities in the kids club that seem interesting to them, then just drop them off for that one activity. My son was excited about the kids club but also a little shy. When we dropped him off for the first time there was an activity with Spider-Man and he ran right in.
We always did the morning dance parties (characters are there but it’s not a 1:1 photo op sort of thing), the pool and splash area, movies, crafts, coloring. Even just getting lunch and ice cream at that age is a fun adventure for them. We also rode the elevator to each floor and explored. When my girls were 4.5 and 1.5, we did the eastern Caribbean with 4 days at sea and honestly we were busy every second. My older one only did the kids club when they had the open house times.
You can also look into Mid-ship Detective Agency. It's kind of like a scavenger hunt where you interact with moving artwork around the ship to find clues to solve a mystery (I'm not great at explaining it!). My 3 year old loved it even though some of it was a bit over his head.
Mine is a bit older but on the Wish there were several "craft" activities for families that she enjoyed. We made door hangers one day and bracelets another. She also loved "who's behind the curtain". So many options mine spent only about 2 hours at the kids club over a 3 night cruise.


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