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Apr 17, 2015
The TEAM has turned Outstanding Orange!

Here's a story I saw just today -- a guy's dream came true when Lea Salonga, Jasmine's singing voice, invited him up on stage to sing "A Whole New World." (The website this links to, Sunnyskyz, specializes in nice stories.)

And in non-Disney nice news, folks in Seal Beach, California are stepping up to help a local business and the couple who run it.
  • sophy1996

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    Apr 17, 2015
    PollyannaMom and Elizabeth Smith both turn Outstanding Orange!

    It's Veterans Day in the U.S. and Armistice Day in other countries. One hundred years ago today, folks got the happiest of news -- as of 11 a.m. in France (the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month), World War I had ended. Here's a blog post about the war from the perspective of Scientific American, which was publishing at the time.

    Amazingly, well into this century there still lived people who took part in the war. The last living participant was Florence Green, a British woman who joined the Royal Women's Air Force in 1918 and died in 2012, age 110. The last living combat veteran was Claude Choules, who served in the British Royal Navy starting in 1915 and died in 2011, also age 110.

    Imagine all the changes those folks saw in their lifetimes!

    Twilight Sparkle

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    May 24, 2015
    Friday kicked my butt with a headache from Hades so no minutes that day. Yesterday was a much better day with:

    130 minutes with the horses


    Heading back to the barn later today since it might be the last dry day for a little bit.

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