Niagara Region DISmeet this summer!


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Oct 27, 2000
I heard you Niagara Region-ers were planning a summer meet! I am in Mississauga and frequently go to Niagara Falls to play for the weekend ~ my kids love it! We stay in a nice hotel and have a mini-vacation! Let me know! I'll be at RFC this Sunday for the GTA meet!

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I'd love to go to a Niagara meet too.We are there all the time for a Sunday drive.As long as there isnt a soocer tournament,we will be there.
Anyone in that area willing to get the ball rolling? Sounds like there is lots of interest in this.

Well. since I do live in the area, I'm willing to do a little work if you want to give me some suggestions. Picnic at Queenston Heights, Plantet Hollywood, Rainforest Cafe, Outback, somewhere in Niagara on the Lake? Let, me know and perhaps a couple of us from Niagara can get things arranged.

I would be pleased to help. This late spring at the grand opening of Rain Forest on Clifton Hill would be cool!! On way out west to DL and DCA. Will be back after Easter and happy to help plan,
I think that at that time of year an outdoor one would be nice as long as there is someplace where we can go if it rains (like a large picnic shelter). The nice thing about that is that it makes it easier to mingle and meet everyone, where as at a restaurant it's harder since you have to sit at tables. The only way that a restaurant might work as well as outside is if we had a private room or area in the restaurant. I'd like to thank you guys for planning this for the rest of us. Looking forward to meeting more DISers. Kathy



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