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Feb 16, 2005
We will be going to Alaska for two weeks next summer and are starting by flying into Seattle and ferrying to Victoria. Friends from Juneau are meeting us at the ferry. Needless to say, we are totally unfamiliar with Victoria -- and that is further complicated by the facts that we won't have a car and Victoria doesn't have Uber.

We will be there 3 nights/2 full days (June 19-22), and our party is four adults and two 18 y/o young ladies.

So, I have several questions:
  • Are there areas for lodging which would be more convenient to the usual tourist attractions (gardens, museums, etc)? We will probably be doing airbnb.
  • Are there areas to avoid?
  • We know about Butchart Gardens, and that's on our list. Are there any other "must-do's?"
    • We will not be "whaling" in Victoria. Our friends are a marine biologist and a wildlife biologist and they both say the whale tours there have a bad reputation for being harmful to the animals. We'll do the whale tours in Juneau.


May 28, 2011
We visited Victoria last august and stayed at the Strathcona Hotel in downtown Victoria. We had a car, but we were there for only one night, so we explored the city on foot. We easily walked down to the inner harbor and to Fisherman's Wharf. We took a stroll in the evening to see the parliament building lit up.
There are some museums downtown, but we didn't have time to explore those, but we walked right by the Royal BC museum.
Victoria seemed very safe to me, so I can't really say what areas to avoid.

I hope this helps and maybe somebody else has more info and tips.


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Mar 28, 2011
We went to Victoria for our honeymoon and stayed at Abigail's Hotel, which is a B&B. It's still there. Granted, this was 25 yr ago, but the hotel was very charming. The room we stayed in had a fireplace in it. It was an easy walk to many locations. We took a bus to Butchart Gardens.


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Jan 22, 2014
Victoria is a very small provincial capital and everything except Butchart Gardens is walking distance from downtown. I really enjoyed my half day at Royal BC museum. You might want to post your questions on the Canadian sub-forum where we have Victoria/Vancouver Island locals posting regularly.


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Apr 8, 2014
We have been to Victoria several times. It’s a wonderful city. I highly recommend the Victoria regent waterfront hotel. Great location, good breakfast, big rooms and helpful staff. Victoria harbor is right downtown and easy walking distance to the hotel. The harbor and the city are both beautiful especially at night. The Fairmont hotel is worth a visit, either for tea or for a drink. It’s very safe and there are tons of restaurants. You can easily grab a cab to the gardens or there is probably a bus, At night the walkway along the harbor is full of people, and lots of music, just thinking of it makes me want to return. Do remember you will need a passport to get on the ferry and back into the states.


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