Need help with SHOES....Please!!!


Feb 13, 2000
I will have my step children this weekend and need to get them some shoes so they will be broken in. There are a total of 2 boys age 6/7. Two girls age 12/16. And the two adults.

Needless to say I need a decent shoe at a great price. I also hope to get them each sandles.

Does anyone have any recomendations? Does Payless or Wal-Mart carry anything that will work??? Please help. With a month to go I am getting stressed out. LOL. (could be worse kinds of stress I am sure!!!!)
Can anyone help me with what is a good shoe that does not cost a fortune? Of course, I am more concerned with comfort than price. But for 6 people at 2 sets each ...can realy add up!!!!

Thanks. Dont need to sound desparate but the kidos will be here today and I need them get them and break them in.

Thanks Again!!!
Walmart usually carries a decent selection of both tennies and sandles. I usually buy my kids shoes there. I look for a good sole to the shoe and how well the shoe is constructed. Last summer they had good sport type sandles. These had a thick tennis shoe like sole and thick comfortable atraps. Even my 5 year old DS couldn't wear them out last summer! A couple of weeks ago my Walmart had double packs of shoes, like a pr of tennies and a pr of sandles, for a really good price. Hope this helps!

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Thats a lot of shoes!! My dd will only wear Platforms so I don't have any good advice on kids shoes.

But my Dh loves the mens shoes at Kmart[I forget the brand but it's a major one!!]and the prices are good. Dh is a nurse so he is on his feet his whole shift!!

Here is a lot of pixie dust for you in your search~~~~~~~~~*~~~~~~~~~~~~


DS & I got Teva sandals from (i think that's the URL) We love them! DH really loves his sandals from Payless Shoe Source! DS also got Adidas from footlocker and I got Easy Spirit from JCPenney. Not sure I'll take Easy Spirit though. Another idea ~ what about taking one already-broken-in pair, say tennies, and just buying new sandals, or vice versa!

Good Luck, Have a Great Trip! :D
Wal-Mart now has Starter brand tennis shoes. I remember that the adult sizes were only about $25, so the children's sizes would be less. Wal-Mart also carries a brand called Earth Shoes. I have a pair of their sandals and they are very comfortable. If you plan on going to a water park, think about buying some water shoes (aqua socks). The pavement can be very hot on the tootsies. You can get cheap water shoes at Wal-Mart for $6 or $7. Pay attention to how the insoles look though. Last year I bought water shoes at a irregular store and the insoles weren't glued in. We got huge blisters because they kept slipping around in the shoe. (We ended up pitching them in the trash before the end of the day.) This year I was lucky enough to find a pair of normally expensive Body Glove water shoes for only $6 at a discount store. If you have a Shoe Dept. store in your area, check that out too. Last week I got my son a pair of New Balance cross trainers (mens size) for only $29 on clearance...regular price $79! I saw a lot of name brand (Nike, Reebok, New Balance, Adidas, etc) childrens sizes on clearance too.

Our local Foot Locker is running a sale with most shoes on sale (about $5 off) plus a buy 1, get second pair 1/2 price. We bought 4 pairs of tennis shoes in our household just last weekend and thought it was a great deal! Good luck - shoes are so expensive and their feet grow so fast!
Hi! It may be too late to order these for your upcoming trip, but I very highly recommend Birkenstock shoes and sandals. That's *the only* footwear I wear.
I have found some great deals at BirkenstockCentral. They have a generous return policy, and are super nice. These are the most comfortable shoes I have ever tried. Even after a major knee surgery, these shoes helped me tackle Disney commando style! :)
I would try Payless. DS's found great sport sandles there last year.


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