Need help with Little Mermaid fountain


Forever a Disney Princess
Feb 12, 2004
Hi, there.

I own this Little Mermaid Water Fountain purchased from the Disney Store:


The fountain is no longer working. The pump appears to be inside the entire statue. So I'm looking for a place that could fix it without damaging it. Can anyone recommend a place?

Thank you!


DIS Veteran
Feb 1, 2000
I have a fountain similar to that but it is the Tarzan one.
My fountain has a top piece that comes off, and it looks like yours might too. I would check and see if the top portion can come off and if you can get it off you can get to the pump.
The pump mechanism is the same as the small fish tank pumps you can buy at Walmart or Petland. You might be able to replace it yourself. You can also find these fountains now at stores like AC Moore, a craft store in this area. I don't remember ever seeing them at Michaels in this area but I bet some others might have them.
If you can't you might be able to bring the fountain back to TDS and get another. I have always had good luck getting things replaced at TDs when they broke. Peggie


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Feb 16, 2000
I would go with Peggie's suggestions first, if they all fail you might try a Nursery.

Most sell fountains and may know of a repair person in your area.


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