Need help on how to split 2 contracts


Apr 28, 2001
We've decided that we will most likely need 400 points in the long run. However, for various reasons, we should only purchase 250 - 275 points initially. We'd like to purchase 275 points; however, we would also like the flexibility of selling one of the contracts should our vacation habits change. Therefore, would we be smarter to purchase 250 points initially and do an add-on for 150? Or, would it be just as easy to buy 275 points and then buy and possibly sell a 125 point contract in the future?

I guess it boils down to: will we have a much harder time trying to sell a 125 point contract than a 150 point contract? It just seems that there are so many more 150 point contracts out there. Again, everything else being equal, we'd prefer to go with the 275/125 split.

Thanks for your help!
Personally I would opt for the 250/150 option. The 150 pt. contract would be easier to sell then a 125 pt. contract because it would be marketable to non-DVC owners as well as current owners. The 125 pts. would be marketable only to current DVC owners with your same use year I believe.

Do you have kids? Would it be something you might "will" to them in the future? If so maybe equally split deeds would be best....
If you're buying directly from DVC, consider 150 plus 100 or 125 then add a 150 later. Alternative would be to buy 150 now, another 150 soon then add on the number of points you need later which might end up being different than you think it will be.
I'd do what Dean suggested. I'd do it this way though...150. 100, 25 to get to your 275. Then when I added-on, I'd add 150. The smaller 150 point contracts are easier to sell for more $ and the even smaller contracts really go fast at top dollar...spruce
I learned an interesting fact I didn't know, if they buy through a resale, first time owners can buy a 125 point contract.

I thought there was a 150 pt minumum. Apparently I'm told, not for resales.
Theoretically you can buy a 25 point contract as your first ownership resale. DVC must waive their ROFR and allow the sale to go through. I know of it happening a couple of times. One of the trouble with buying a smaller package is that the closing costs are such a large component of the cost. It appears that DVC is more likely to buy back a first purchase of less than 150 points though.

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