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Discussion in 'Sea World / Discovery Cove' started by Rpsemont, Mar 8, 2019.

  1. Rpsemont

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    Hi all,

    I apologize in advance for asking questions that could probably be answered if I'd just spend on hour or two reading through the threads , but would greatly appreciate some quick "shoot from the hip" answers from frequent visitors. I bought a Resident annual pass last November. Next week will be my first time going in 2019. The pass allows for a free guest and a half price guest and preferred parking.

    1) How early should we arrive so we can enter the park at opening time? What time do the ticket booths open?

    2) We probably want to try to "do it all!". What are the best "first rides?"

    3) How much do you think Bret Michaels performing will increase the crowds? I wouldn't mind listening to him, but it's not a priority - does the stadium usually fill up? If it does are there standing spaces that you can still hear and listen? If you decided you did want a seat - what time should I get there? Will his performing draw enough to minimize crowds and waits at other attractions?

    4) Any other "best tips". While I will likely go few more times before my pass expires, my guests may not.

    Note: We do all rollercoasters and have not been to Seaworld in probably 15 years.

  2. jaceraden

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    Apr 19, 2010
    This may not be popular but I like going to SW without a plan. Anything that's a must do for my group is a first thing priority. If no one spots a must do, we pick a path and start going. We enjoy it this way and no one feels stressed or feels they missed out because we did so much. Not all parks are like WDW and don't require hours and hours of planning, IMO. I have nothing against planners but I find that knowing what's available, knowing the general layout of the park, and my group's absolute must dos is enough for us to have at it and enjoy! YMMV
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  4. Joanna71985

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    If you are going at opening- be aware that not all of the rides open at opening (Mako, Infinity Falls, and Wild Arctic open an hour later). If you want to do all rides, I would do Antarctica first
  5. skylock

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    Sep 2, 2010
    1. I would say 30 min ahead of opening time.

    2. As some one else said, the rides do not usually open at park opening. I would say, the first one to ride would be the lowest wait time.

    3. Personally, I can't see it having that big of an effect on crowds.

    4. I check SW show calender. I know what shows we will see and when, beyond that, no planning except I try to keep in mind where things are located in the park so I am not walking back and forth across the park all day. That waste too much time. So for example, when we go to the Shamu show, we will try to do everything we want to on that side of the park, before we go back to the front side of the park.

    You need to check the map to get an idea of where things are located before you get there. Pick up a map to the left when you enter the park. It will list the show times along with other info.

    Just know that if you ride infinity falls, you will get wet. Also Atlantis, you will probably get wet.
  6. kathy884

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    Sep 26, 2009
    SeaWorld is visually stunning with interesting things happening with animals, etc. and I like to do that park more spontaneously. The coasters are great too. I especially like the Manta. If just doing one day, so I don't feel like I am just going from show to show all day, I start off by picking up a show schedule and picking two must do shows (for me that is one of the Orca shows and one of the dolphin show). I get to those 25 minutes before they start to get good seats and fit in some attractions in between that fit in, but make getting to these two shows the priority to start. Then after that I just wander the park and hit each attraction that appeals to me. If you are really into the shows which are great, if you want up that to three shows.

    The one think to make sure not to do is Wild Artic after the Shamu show. It will be so crowded. Other than that this is a park to wader around in and savor, hitting attractions and animal exhibits along the way. If you are enjoying petting the rays, do that as long as you want. Stay as long as you want when you are viewing dolphins from the underwater window, etc. Less is more. You won't hit everything, but you will be able to hit a ton of things in one day and have a great time.
  7. Rpsemont

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    Jun 28, 2001
    Thanks so much for all your information. I had no idea that some of the rides do not open at park opening. I have a map from my last visit. I will study that a bit more. Lots of good advice. We were planning to go to Saturday and the weather report is now rain for that day. Do many things close in the rain?

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