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Feb 15, 2000
March 29th, Wednesday

Katholyn:(Newly qualified for AARP) Fell in love with Disneyland when it was brand new-decided I loved WDW even more on a short trip in 1982; felt cheated with a 3 day trip in 1991. Will use any excuse to go back again.

Wilgus: My husband who is severely Disney impaired; thought WDW was nice but not interested in ever going back and who I love anyway.
Kim: My sister's 24 year old daughter who is going through a divorce-never been to WDW and can't wait.
Dustin: Kim's 6 year old son and my surrogate grandson-never been to WDW

Today we are going back to the Magic Kingdom. I feel very guilty about yesterday's fiasco at Alien Encounter and so today is completely devoted to entertaining Dustin. Even if I DON'T believe he was scared so much as angry, I feel bad that he was so upset.

We're up again at 6:30. This is getting harder and harder to do. We are just tired. We catch the first bus to MK and are waiting at Tomorrowland when the rope drops. We walk as fast as our little legs will carry us to the Speedway. Dustin is desperate to drive one of these cars. We have virtually no wait, although many others had the same idea as we did to ride the Speedway first. Kim operates the pedal and Dustin "steers" the car and they're off. I take the next car and guess what? My car is faster than their car and although they had quite a head start, I catch them. Dustin was very upset about this and kept yelling at his mother to go faster. Of course, she couldn't go faster and they were ahead of me so they "won", but Dustin was very upset that I caught up to them and challenged me to a rematch. I don't think so, the line is posted as an hour now. Wow, it doesn't take much time for that line to get long.

Now he wants Astro Orbiters. Only a 5 minute wait, not bad. We had virtually no wait for the teacups or the carrousel. Pooh was a 10 minute wait, as was Snow White. Next, it's off for a Fast pass to the Jungle Cruise. While we wait for our Jungle Cruise we walk into the Enchanted Tiki Room, and wait 20 minutes for Peter Pan, even though the sign told us it would be 30 minutes. Finally, it's (oh no!) Dumbo. Oh my goodness, 40 minutes wait? But Dustin would do nothing else but Dumbo. OK-it's your day kid. Finally we take our Jungle Cruise. We tried hard to be the first ones on the boat, but just missed it. Dustin stood right behind the boy chosen to pilot our cruise, and was so serious about the whole thing. He just loved the Jungle Cruise.

About 2:00 we are all tired and hot and need a break (and I wanted to see where Chef Mickey's was) so we took the monorail to the Contemporary. Kim and I had a beer in the Outer Rim Lounge while Dustin watched Little Mermaid on the Disney Channel on a big screen TV. It was very relaxing and cool there and we rested our tired feet. We stayed there about an hour and a half and then decided to head back to the Magic Kingdom. I think I would like to stay at the Contemporary someday. It seems to me to have the very best location of all of the resorts.

Now, originally, I had priority seating for the Prime Time for dinner. But this morning, my husband said he couldn't go (work, work, work) so I changed the priority seating to the Liberty Tree Tavern for dinner at 4:30. By now, it's time to go to the Tavern for our Character meal. We had about a 5 minute wait before we were seated. The characters were dressed in Colonial period costumes and the interaction was very good. Especially Chip and Dale. For some reason, Chip and Dale always seemed to be the most spontaneous and affectionate of the characters at all of our character meals. Minnie gave Dustin several kisses, which he wiped off, he's a girl hater, these days. Dustin got more autographs and we got more pictures. The food was excellent. I especially like the raspberry vinaigrette dressing on the salad. We all ate too much but we had a wonderful time.

After dinner we walked over to Buzz Lightyear. There was no wait. Great-we all loved this ride. I don't know how I did it, but I managed to score 999,999 points before the ride was half over. I'm terrible at this sort of activity usually so I was very surprised at my high score.

After Buzz, we noticed that people were lining up for the MSEP. I told Dustin about the parade but he said he wanted to go to the hotel and swim. I appealed to his mother. She, too, wanted to go to the hotel and swim. Okay-you got it. So we skipped MSEP and the fireworks gasp. This was Dustin's day. I've seen MSEP and it's awesome, but I think we were all just exhausted. So we left for the hotel and let Dustin swim for a while.

After Dustin finished swimming, Kim tells me she has to do laundry. There were washers and dryers on each floor of the Best Western Lake Buena Vista, so it was wasn't too inconvenient. It just wasn't any fun. It seems that when Kim was packing for the trip, she put most of her shorts in the dryer, at home, to remove the wrinkles, and left them all in the dryer! So, she had now run out of clean clothes and had to do laundry. We left Dustin asleep and Wilgus working and set out to do the laundry. We didn't finish until midnight and we were absolutely exhausted.

The television in our room had begun to behave in a strange manner. The sound would cut in and out and we couldn't figure out what was wrong. Finally, Wilgus just turned it off. I got almost to sleep and suddenly the television is on and speaking Spanish! What? I asked Wilgus if he had turned the TV back on-he says no. Okay, turn it off again. Get almost to sleep and suddenly the television is on again. I'm getting upset with my husband but he denies that he turned the TV on again. This happened several times. No one was laying on the remote. It just kept turning itself back on. We'd turn it off and it would turn itself back on. This is weird. This is some psychotic television. So we try to unplug it and can't reach the plug behind the armoire-can't move the armoire either. Now, Kim is tired and frustrated and jumps up out of bed and jerks the television out of the armoire and unplugs it. She was not a very happy person at that point. But we finally get to sleep with the clock set for 6:30 am.

Next: Epcot and Cirque du Soleil


Dec 28, 1999
I would of done exactly what your niece did.......Unplugged it before DH threw it out the window.........


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May 12, 2000
I'm glad you ALL had fun at the MK!
Dustin is the perfect age for the magic---well, I guess we all are!
Thanks for posting your fun day!

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