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Feb 15, 2000
April 1st, Saturday

Katholyn: Newly qualified for AARP. Fell in love with Disneyland when it was brand new-decided I loved WDW more on a short trip in 1982, felt cheated with a 3 day trip in 1991. Will use any excuse to go back again.
Wilgus: My husband who is severely Disney impaired; thought WDW was nice but not interested in ever giong back and who I love anyway.
Kim: My sister's 24 year old daughter who is going through a divorce-never been to WDW and can't wait
Dustin: Kim's 6 year old son and my surrogate grandson-never been to WDW

Today we visit MGM. Up at 6:30 again . While Kim was getting Dustin dressed I heard him ask her what characters we were going to have breakfast with. She told him we weren't having breakfast with characters and he was distraught. Why not, he wanted to know. Because Aunt Katholyn didn't arrange one, that's why. I didn't know these character meals were so important to him. I ran to the phone and called CRO. Do you have a character breakfast at MGM? Yes we do, Do you have any priority seating available? Absolutely, here's your ps#. Great! So we're off to MGM on the first bus.

We go through the gates right to Hollywood & Vine and get escorted to our seats by a lovely Minnie Mouse dressed in a beautiful white evening frocked trimmed with pink. Goofy was looking suave in his white dinner jacket. Goofy and Minnie danced for us later that morning. The food was all hot and fresh and very good. Chip and Dale snuck behind Dustin and tried to snatch his drink. The character interaction was excellent. I noticed the characters put a lot of effort into interacting with the teeny kids in high chairs. The characters would kneel next to the high chair, I presume they did this so that they would not appear so large and frightening to the little ones.

Full of breakfast we went immediately to get a Fastpass for Tower of Terror. As we were leaving TOT we find out that Rock N Roller Coaster is down and they aren't giving out fastpasses. Uh oh. So we went to see Beauty and the Beast. Dustin really liked this show. Since I haven't seen the movie ( I know, I know bad Katholyn) I got confused. There seems to be huge chunks of the story missing.

We have learned this week that Dustin's experience at Alien Encounter has made him a little power monger. He learned that if he screamed and threw a fit he got lots of attention. Also if he said he was scared he got a lot of attention and grownups would do what he wants them to do. He has been using this all week. Example, at It's Tought to be a bug, yesterday:
Dustin: Is it dark in there
Me: It's a theater Dustin
Dustin: I'm not going in there and neither is my mother (said with a smirk)
Me: Dustin are you saying you're never going to go see a movie again?
Dustin: I'm not going in there if it's dark (bigger smirk)
Me: YOU ARE GOING IN THERE and if you get scared your mother can take you out.

Result: Dustin loved It's Tough To Be a Bug and wasn't afraid.

The point is we have been going through this " is it dark" routine on a daily basis. His mother is getting pretty tired of it.

We go for a fastpass for Little Mermaid and Dustin starts in, "does it get dark in there?"
IT'S A THEATER!!!! On and on and on...........

While we wait for our fastpass time at Little Mermaid we get in line for the Great Movie Ride, and here we go again, "Is it dark in there?" Kim has reached her limit with this. She explains that she would never put him in danger and she is hurt that he doesn't trust her enough to believe her when she tells him that this is not a scary ride.
And this goes on and on and on. Dustin continues with his dark routine and Kim stands firm that we are going to go on the Great Movie Ride if he likes it or not. Half way to the front of the line, Dustin tries another tack, "I have to use the bathroom." Well he didn't have to use the bathroom. But he goes on and on with this, threatening to wet his pants, he is so desperate. Unfortunately for him his mother is just as stubborn as he is and tells him to do what he has to do. Finally we get on this ride. Dustin loved it, he wasn't frightened at all. As soon as we leave the ride he wants to immediately ride again. "Oh no," his mother tells him, you have to use the bathroom. "No I don't," he says and then remembers, with a sheepish grin he admits he never had to use the bathroom at all. KIDS!

Of course, when we get in line for Star Tours, he starts, "is it dark?" For heaven's sake! We eventually ride this and Dustin loved it too and wanted to ride again and again.

We used our fast pass at Tower of Terror. I rode first and I loved this ride. The first drop, in the dark, is the best. The anticipation and suspense while you sit in the dark waiting to be dropped is delicious. I think the entire ride should be in the dark it would be more fun. While I waited with Dustin while Kim rode, I watched the cast members enter the elevator in street clothes and exit in their bellman costumes. They all came off the elevator in character, looking mysterious and suspicious. It was fun.

After this we checked out RnR. The standby line is 45 minutes and the fastpass return isn't until 5:00, so we decide to get in line. About 10 minutes into the line, a cast member brings that little measuring crook like thing they use to Dustin. We told her we were going to use child swap. Fine, she says, he has to leave the line. What? We can't stay in line together? Kim got angry and decided she didn't want to ride RnR that bad. So we left. They really need to work on this child swap routine. They should study the child swap at Universal, it is superior.

Dustin now says he's hungry. I had originally had ps at Sci Fi Dine In Theater but had canceled it when I arranged for breakfast at Hollywood & Vine this morning. We decided to drop by and see if we could get a snack there. I thought Dustin might like it. It was 3:30 so perhaps the line wouldn't be too long. We're told it would be 20 minutes but not to go too far away because they were going to try to get us in sooner. I guess so! We were seated in less than 5 minutes. Dustin had the kid's drink that came in the take home glow in the dark cup and the kid's burger that came with the take home glow in the dark frisbee. Kim and I shared an order of onion rings.

Dustin was fascinated with our car. There was a sign that said "please turn off your headlights" so he had to get out of the car to make sure our headlights were off. He wanted to know why everyone's brake lights were on though. He watched the movies and didn't seem to notice that it was Dark in there. He would have spent the entire afternoon there if we had let him. I asked him what he liked about this place so much and here is what he said:

It was good fun and I got to sit in
a car and eat and it was good food.

Food review: Dustin ate every bite of his kid's meal here. This was the only time he ate his entire meal on the trip. I didn't care for the onion rings, but I did like the horseradish/mango dipping sauce they served with it.

When we were walking to the Sci Fi Dine In Theater we came across Cruella Deville but Dustin did not want her autograph or a photo. He is in a girl hating stage and wanted nothing to do with any of the female characters. We had to FORCE him to be civil to Minnie. He also snubbed Mulan.

Now it was time to go find a seat for Fantasmic but Dustin wanted to go swim. I appealed to his mother but she didn't want to wait in the sun for 90 minutes. I was was out voted and we returned to the hotel without seeing Fantasmic.

Kim and I watched Dustin swim for a couple of hours then all of us, including Wilgus drove over to Perkins for dinner. The prices were inexpensive compared to park prices and the food was acceptable.

We were all in bed by 11:00.

Next: Lunch at Rainforest Cafe
Its good to hear that Dustin gave Sci Fi a thumbs up. We have a ps for our trip there this summer. I've read so many bad things about it I was a little nervous, but it sounds like my sons will enjoy it. Thanks for the great trip reports!:bounce:
Another great day!
Thanks for posting!
I'm having fun reading about your trip!


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