National Web Site Screwed Up Again???


I'm a Maniac, so what???
Mar 16, 2001
Just wondering if anyone else has had problems with the National web reservations system. I had a ressie, and had to change dates. By mistake, instead of making the new one and then deleting the old one, I did it the wrong way. My $165 base rate went up to $212. I called central reservations to see if I could get it corrected, and they gave me thier best rate of $280. While I was on hold with reservations, I checked the web site again and got back to my original 165 rate. I rebooked it again.

I'll keep checking it to see it it goes down again, but I dont plan to cancel anything until I am sure!!!


Feb 18, 2001
Mickey maniac:

How many days are you going and what size car? I'm about to start "dialing in" the rental car price and wonder what a good rate would be for mid-April.