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Nov 14, 2000
National Car Rental Basics and Emerald Aisle
National Car Rental has a program called The Emerald Club (EC). The fee for this club is $50, however, certain organization's perks, such as The Disney Club (DC), have the fee waived.

With the EC, you reserve either an intermediate or a full size car. When you go to pick-up your vehicle, you bypass the counter and walk right into National's garage to the Emerald Aisle (EA). At the aisle, you have your choice of anything there. It could be a Van, Premium Car, Full-size, SUV, Pt Cruiser, whatever. Just take it! The catch, you are only guaranteed what you reserve.

When booking a reservation online you have many options. Firstly, log into the EC with your ID and password or last name and EC number.

Then, pick your dates.

Next choose a car class. If you choose other than the Intermediate or Full Size, you will probably be sent to the counter. You might even get Emerald Choice (EC). This means you go to the specific aisle for what you rented, say a minivan. You then get to pick any vehicle (minivan) on the minivan aisle.

Next choose the level of service. (Emerald Aisle)

Now the fun part: Codes!!!

Rate code: Usually a National Car program. Enter in a current code if there is one. (Keep in mind, rate codes can have blackout dates)

Coupon code: From experience, this will start with a 1. Enter in this code. Now coupons can be combined. You can use an Entertainment Book (EB) coupon with the DC, AP EC or any other contract code. (That’s next)

Contract code: This is where you enter in your contract code, again from experience; these start with a 5 or 6.

Get your quote. Re-do it with different code combinations. Check back frequently. Rate plans; contracts and coupons change rates often. Base prices are based on supply and demand.

Good luck.

Did I miss anything?

Ask away!
Pluto - hoping you can help...

facts: I am trying to make a ressie for Dec. 1-8 (8 total rental days) using EC, EA and an AP discount - at MCO for an intermediate.

I am getting a base rate of $247.31 (Txs etc. = $311.92). I get this rate using all of the above and ALSO when I don't even use the EC or the AP discount. No where in the breakdown does it even show a discount of any kind. I've been trying everyday - a couple of times a day.

Am I too early (for December)? Last Sept. I booked a fullsize for this past Easter week <10 days> and only paid 290.xx (total). I will keep trying, but was just wondering if it was me? or National?

Thank you so much for all of the advice that you give. I read sooo much of it in the past, I think that's why I am confused now!

I am also an AP holder. That discount is usually useless for the most part. Check into the DC. For $30 (as an AP holder), you'll easily save that cost on your first National rental.
I was checking rates for December and noticed there is no EC discount coming up with contract 5007125. Disney Club gives 20%.

On the National Car Rental site, you can get free EC membership by enrolling online until 6/15.

I just joined and looked into renting an intermediate car the last week of August, Sunday - Saturday. I am only able to use the Disney Club contract number since I am not eligible to use the coupon number because of my days.

The funny thing is when I played around with the dates and if I left on Sunday the rental price was about $35.00 cheaper with the extra day. Right now I am getting price around $215.00.

Is there any other coupon codes available and how do I find them?

:confused: :confused:

Thank you.
Through Avis I got a rate of $148 for Wed-Tues in August...or $189 with all the taxes and fees. Click on the Florida Deals link on the website.

It beat any deal I could find using all the combinations I could figure out.

good luck!
I'm leaving Wednesday for Orlando -- I have a full-size EA reservation with National for Weds-Tues.

Some combination of coupon/contract got me a base rate of $98. Taxes/etc bring it to $137. Here's hoping a nice convertible is on the Aisle!


I changed my National reservation to a full-size EA car from an intermediate EA, to insure that the car I rented would be large enough. The rate I got for the intermediate was $133.00 with taxes, the rate for a full size was $137.00 with taxes. I then called National to confirm this, using my confirmation#, and the reservationist quoted me $143.00. I now have to fax her my confirmation, so she can look into the discrepancy. Hmmm...wonder what happened? She was very nice, and I do believe they will honor the computer confirmation. Here's hoping they have a van or SUV on the aisle. I'm traveling alone with 4 kids.:crazy:
mi2kdz--I just had the same thing happen to me! I used EA with the two DC discounts and got $126 w/tax for a week in August for a full size. When I called to confirm, they quoted me $134. I also had to fax my confirmation email...I haven't heard back yet. Hoping they do still honor the $126...I can't believe I got such a good rate!


I did get a reply, well actually, I called and tracked down the person I faxed the confirmation to, she explained that because I had not checked any of the insurance coverage when I signed up for the EC they automatically gave me a higher rate. I explained that I have full coverage on my own vehicle, that also covers rental cars, and that I did not need the coverage. She told me that they would honor the computer rate. Hope this helps.

Cindi...I've been waiting for a call back...and haven't heard anything. I didn't think it would take more than a few minutes to figure it out. So I guess I'll call today and see if I can locate the woman that took the information.

Did they change the information they have for you? So when you get there, there isn't a discrepancy? I guess I'll find out when I call them today.

Thanks for the info!
Yes they did. I will get the quoted computer rate. I'm sure you will too. I talked to April, she was very nice, and assured me that the rate quoted was the rate I would get.
I still haven't heard from my original booking ($126)...but today I made another reservation...for $118 for a full size EA car...however, when I called to reconfirm, they had a different price!

I don't understand why their information is totally different from my print out! Their base rate will be the same, but the amount of discount is different. WHY???

When I called about this one, I spoke with Michelle (who, may I say, is NOT customer friendly)...well, I ended up speaking with Michelle's supervisor and she advised me the discrepancy was caused by the information in my DH's EC profile...his license expiration date and credit card expiration date needed to be changed and once it was updated, the rate I had received would be reflected.

I updated the info, but when I called to reconfirm again, this person spoke with HER supervisor and said I would probably have to go to the counter to get that rate. Well, I said forget it...if I'm getting $126 on the EA, I definitely am NOT going to counter for $8!!

However, I am seeing this as a challenge now! I went ahead and cancelled the reservation, thinking I probably shouldn't have and tried reconfirming again tomorrow. My strategy is: keep calling until someone tells me what I want to hear!

Has anyone else had this problem of their online rate being different from what National shows when you reconfirm? I've had this happen twice now!

Just hope I DO manage to get that $126 rate!



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