My Suprise Birthday Trip! Intro and Day 1

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  1. JeniC

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    Dec 6, 1999
    Surprise Birthday Trip

    (This is my 1st trip report so be nice!)

    Cast of Characters:
    Me:23-year-old (almost) Disney-Nut
    DH:Ben 23-year-old Disney-Nut (he hasn’t admitted it yet but he knows he is)
    DS:Brandon 15 mo that has been to WDW twice already this makes three
    Dad:my dad who is one of the reasons I’m a Disney-Nut.
    Mom:my mom who is the other reason I’m a Disney-Nut.
    Jess:my sis who acts like she hates Disney but always manages to have a good time.
    Kyle:Jess’s BF of two years, he’s never been to Epcot!

    In October DH started hinting around for what I would like for my birthday. So I thought long and hard (about 2 seconds!) and said that I wanted to go to WDW. We already had the tickets since in July we bought 4-day hoppers and only used two days; all we needed was a place to stay. Well life being life things got pretty tight around our house money wise so I told Dh to scrap the plans and we’ll just stay home. Little did I know that he was conspiring with my parents. About two weeks before my birthday I noticed everyone was acting a little bit strange so I knew something was up. My sister is a notorious big mouth that can’t keep a secret so I tried to pry the information out of her, it didn’t work but she did say, “See I can keep a secret, I know all about the trip but I didn’t tell you a thing!”
    A week before my boss and I were planning a overnight trip to another University for business, so I had to call DH to see what days were good for him to be home of a night for DS. I gave him a date and he got all-nervous, he told me that I couldn’t go. I asked him why and he told me to call my dad. After we hung up my mother called and told me all about the surprise. It’s a good thing too because someone had to do the laundry and pack things :)

    Day OneFriday 11-10
    Dad picked DS and I up around 10am, we hooked up their camper and took off for Orlando. Around 2pm (ish) we pulled into Tropical Palms RV Park. Tropical Palms is a nice Encore RV park, they also have little cabins to stay in. Dad and I picked out our site for the weekend and began to set up camp. At 2:30 Jess called saying she was at the Campground. DS was getting cranky so I loaded him into the stroller and we took off to find Auntie! Since we were given only two car tags and were expecting three cars Jess had to keep her car parked out front. DS spotted his Aunt and was laughing up a storm trying to get out of the stroller to sun at her. We piled all of her stuff under the stroller and carried what wouldn’t fit back to the camper. When we got back Dad had the camper up almost all the way, and didn’t want our help so he sent us to the store. The Campground is located on 192 east right next to Celebration, so we went to the Publix across the street (Don’t tell DH since he works for Winn-Dixie). We got back around 3 to find the camper up and Dad relaxing only DH, Mom and Kyle weren’t there yet. Finally around 5 they showed up and we all began to get dinner ready. After dinner DS was asleep so Mom and Dad told us kids to go to Old Town and play. We walked around Old Town for a while but we weren’t having much fun, it’s too loud and too much is going on in a little area. We walked back to camp and settled in for the night. Mom, Dad, Jess, DS and I got to sleep in the camper, while the boys DH and Kyle got the tent (turns out they were warmer then we were).
    Tomorrow Epcot.

    Jeni C.
    Happy Holidays!
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    Now thats what I call a birthday suprise!!!! How exciting. I cant wait to read more. :)

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  3. Marla Hellwig

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    Mar 25, 2000
    Wish I would get a surprise birthday trip to WDW. Thanks for posting!
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    Mar 8, 2000
    What a great surprise!! :D

  5. #1 Disney Fan

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    May 15, 2000
    What a great Birthday surprise! :)


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