My ds countdown to WDW


DIS Veteran
Jan 28, 2000
I went on the offical Disney website and printed off pictures of charachters that my ds could color, but, he didn't color them yet. I printed off 8 pictures, that's how many days we have left to WDW.
I cut them and my son glued them to construction paper. I then used the 3 hole puncher and added a front and back cover as well as a ribbon to hold it together. We decorated the front cover to say "Zach's Disney Coloring Book 2001."

Everyday, he will color 1 picture starting from the back of the book. When we get to the front page of the book, it's a picture of Minnie and Mickey, that's the day we leave!!!

We had so much fun doing it, and now he can countdown with Mom and Dad!!

Just thought I'd share. :)


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