My daughter is interested and need your thoughts

Scott Mateosky

Earning My Ears
Mar 22, 2020
I'm just curious,
1. Has anyone had a bad experience with this program
2. Downsides to this programs
3. Any success stories that you are willing to share
Thank you!


Jul 11, 2006
1. There are a lot of people who don't enjoy their experience in the DCP. They get a role they don't want, long hours on their feet or realizing that their paycheck doesn't go as far as they think it will. It really takes a certain kind of attitude to be happy doing the program- or any kind of hospitality job!

2. You can get out of sequencing for classes at school. It can mess with scholarship. You can work crazy hours, some have to be at work super early, some late. DD worked till 1am almost every day. You can get deployed to other locations-DDs group had that happen and no one had a good thing to say about it. You can have awful roommates. You can get termed for a lot of things most of us would not think anything of. Employees are also blocked out at certain parks- HS was not open to them during the Spring. You miss out on things at school.

3. DD loved her time in the program. She had great leaders and liked the people she worked with. She did complain about her hours and was tired. She is a perpetually happy person who has always wanted to work for Disney to create the magic. She also doesn't mind a lot of rules and routines. She will never get a tattoo, doesn't care about makeup or her nails and likes not having to figure out what she is going to wear to work everyday :rotfl:

I am amazed at the amount of people who self term within a few days of the program. If you don't get a role you want don't sign up. If you are not willing to do what is asked of you, it's probably not the place for you.

Good luck to your D- a lot of kids have great experiences, if it's right for her she will too!


DIS Veteran
Apr 3, 2006
My number one piece of advice to prospective CPs is to be realistic and go in knowing that the focus of your program will be work. Yes, there is lots of fun to be had as a CP but most of that fun has to be fit in around your job. Your work schedule will not always align with the fun activities your other CP friends are planning so you will miss out on some things.

My CP (20 years ago!) is still the most fun job I ever had but I spent most of it working 6 days a week getting paid $5.65 an hour. I have also spent my entire career since working in front facing hospitality/tourism related jobs either on the frontline or as a manager/director and I would say the customers I dealt with on my CP were overall the easiest I had to face despite having a few real doozies in the mix. But I knew what to expect going in, understood I’d be working a lot of hours at little pay and I have a fairly high tolerance for living with other people so I never had any serious roommate issues (this was also back in the days when you did not choose your roommates in advance - I walked into my apartment with my suitcase and met all five of them for the first time).

So my advice is to interested people is almost always to go for it as long as you are willing to work and feel good about your ability to live with other people.


Earning My Ears
Mar 28, 2020
Hello there! Hopefully I can help. you with your questions!

1. Most people do not have any bad experiences with this program however it is not impossible. Some people get stuck in a role they really didn't want or a ride/location they did not want which can damper their program but you can make the program as good as possible by surrounding yourself with friends. Some people also don't get the best leaders which can hurt your program but its good to keep in mind a leader or coords are just there to make sure you are doing your job so if you are doing it correctly there is no issue.

2. Some downsides are definitely if you are a home body, you may become homesick in the beginning because I know it was very weird to see families being together and happy and I was just alone but once I found my friends it didn't matter anymore. Also like I said above, getting the role/location you really didn't want could damper your program however I know people who hated their location in the beginning and loved it in the end!

3. I just finished my program (August 12th-April 30th) since it was cut short in March because of Coronavirus. I found out I got Toy Story Land and was so excited and thought I was going to get Slinky or Mania but I got Aliens and I was a bit bummed in the beginning. However, I made it the best I could because I had the best friends I could ever ask for at my location and we had a ton of CPs there. I also had the best coords in the entire world so this definitely made my experience so good that I actually extended my fall cp through spring and I don't regret a thing. These people have changed my life and helped me come out of my shell and I couldn't have asked for a better group of people (cp, pt, ft, ct) to work with! I miss them all so much <3


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