My 3 days in DL/DCA has been cut back to 2 :(


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Nov 16, 2003
I am a little sad about this. The 3 day park hoppers are a better deal than the 2 day... and I think 3 days is enough to really see the best of DL/DCA but 2 is not enough time :sad2: :sad: :sad2:

Gosh darn it, you would think we could have 3 days for ourselves on OUR vacation, but nooooo.... this is what happens when your whole extended family lives in Southern California. This is why we have to go to WDW at least every other year. We are in California for 12 days, and in that whole time I can only find 2 for Disney. :rolleyes: I hope my brothers know how much I love them, to give up one of my Disney days for them...

Sorry, I just needed to vent. My husband loves Disney, but does not seem to understand my pain right now. He seems to think I am going to drag him to WDW this fall :rolleyes1 I have no idea how he got that idea :rolleyes: or why that makes giving up a DL day any easier.


We always wait in line in California (something)
May 23, 2003
I totally feel your pain, but it will be okay, I promise! 2 days is plenty of time, all you need to do is prioritize. Start ranking all of the attractions at both parks. Then just make up some touring plans, make good use of fastpass and you should be fine. Hit DL in the morning, then hop over to DCA when it starts to get crowded. Make sure you see the DL fireworks, I haven't seen them yet but those who have just rave about them. Good luck!



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