Must See attractions at Seaworld?


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Feb 9, 2001
DH, DSs 4.5 and 6.5 and I are going to Seaworld in June. What are your favorite attractions? What should we not miss while we are there? Thanks!
Well, of course Kraken and Journey to Atlantis. Other than that, I'd say don't miss Shamu, Pets on Stage, Clyde & Seymore, Pacific Point, Terrors of Deep, & Wild Artic.
In addition to the attractions mentioned by rocketman23, see Cirque de la Mer. Great show--had us laughing so hard! Also great airconditioning to cool off.
Feeding the dolphins at the Key West area. Each cup has 4 fish in it, and costs $4. They go very quickly. The dolphin comes up, stops in front of the person with the food, comes up out of the water, and waits a few seconds while the humans pet them under their nostrum. Then the kid throws the fish in their mouth and they swim away happy. Sure, the kid can stand next to other people on the wall and touch the dolphin, but they stop directly in front of the person with the food.

Bring lots of cash for this. I'd say at least 3 cups per kid. Good time to go is in the afternoon. At 3pm a trainer comes out with a bucket of fish for a few of the dolphin. Your kid can get some extra touches in if they stand next to this person, but it happens fast.

Must see shows: The shamu show, the dolphin show and the clyde and seamore show.
Rides: Kracken and jorney to Atlantis.
Other things: Shamu close-up, sting-ray lagoon and feeding the dolphins in key-west (ok, ok I know you get to do this at discovery cove but feeding dolphins everytime is a meromable experience).
Enjoy your time in Orlando!!
Our favorite things were the Clyde and Seamore, Shamu night show (very very different than the day show), Journey to Atlantis, Manatees exhibit, and Kraken.

I have a seven year old he will love the Terrrors of the Deep, and JTA, and if he is big enough Kraken.

We will be there from May 23 to 27th, do you think Terrors of the Deep will be open then?


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